Our History

McMurry University is a vibrant and comprehensive higher-education institution with outstanding academics. At McMurry, you’ll find a welcoming, friendly, and supportive campus community. You’ll experience personalized and interactive learning while growing personally and gaining independence. Friendships will be developed that will last a lifetime.

McMurry is celebrating its Centennial in 2023, founded in 1923 as a Methodist institution affiliated with what is now The United Methodist Church. McMurry enrolls more than 1,100+ students with an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio. No graduate assistants teach courses, and 77% of our professors have achieved the highest degree in their academic discipline. You’ll experience nationally recognized liberal arts and sciences education while preparing for a fulfilling career and a life of purpose.

Our Mission

Shaped by Christian principles, McMurry University challenges students to examine our complex world from multiple perspectives in preparation for lives of leadership, service, and professional success.

Core Values

CHRISTIAN FAITH as the Foundation of Life

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS as the Catalyst for Life

LEARNING as the Journey of Life

EXCELLENCE as the Goal of Life

SERVICE as the Measure of Life

Excellence in Leadership

President Sandra S. Harper

McMurry University 10th
and First Woman President

Grounded in History, Soaring to the Future

The Second Century 2023 – 2030 Strategic Plan

In September 2023, the Board of Trustees at McMurry University adopted a new strategic plan called The Second Century. This plan will serve as a guide to steer McMurry towards its future and ensure that all stakeholders work together towards a common goal over the next seven years. The plan will facilitate collaborative planning and informed decision-making, which will lead to a more effective and productive institution that we can all take pride in.

The plan outlines our identity, Vision 2030, and the five pillars of The Second Century. These pillars are crucial as they will be the focus of all activities from 2023 until 2030, playing a significant role in achieving our common goal.

  • I. Enhance institutional self-esteem and community perception by increasing the frequency and the quality of internal and external messaging.
  • II. Advance Academic Program Development that is mindful of vital skills (specifically oral communication, critical thinking, ethical judgment, working effectively in teams, working independently, self-motivation, written communication, servant leadership, cultural competence and real-world application of skills and knowledge) needed for the 21st century workplace leading to the professional success of McMurry graduates.
  • III. Recruit, Retain, and Graduate a diverse student body by developing engaged learners with the propensity to connect proactively in their communities.
  • IV. Recruit, Retain, and Advance/Develop a diverse and engaged McMurry faculty, staff, and administration by investing in employee talent attraction, alignment, and a culture of belonging.
  • V. Enhance McMurry’s financial stability and long-term viability through investment, development and acquisition of traditional and alternative revenue streams, and intentional acquisition and management of its physical and technical resources.

Work at McMurry

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