Admission Procedure

Students will apply in writing for admission to clinical teaching one semester prior to the anticipated semester of clinical teaching. An orientation meeting will be held each semester. Students should contact the C&I Department early in the semester to determine the time and location of the meeting.

In extreme circumstances, applications for fall clinical teaching may be accepted as late as July 1. Submitting a late application carries no guarantee of placement for the fall. Placement in such an instance is dependent upon circumstances beyond the control of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Students are strongly urged to meet normal application deadlines.

Successful completion and passing of all certification tests in your area as required by the State of Texas.  If a student does not pass on the first attempt, the student must wait 30 days before taking the test again.  The State allows 5 attempts per certification test. 

Fingerprinting and background checks are required.

Application for certification must be completed before a student can be recommended for a standard certificate