Find your way back to McMurry University

Institutional debt forgiveness may be available for students who were previously enrolled at McMurry but have not completed their degree. War Hawk Way Back is an innovative program to help you return to McMurry, reduce your outstanding balance, remove registration holds, and complete your degree. Learn more about the program, your eligibility, and how to apply below.

How to Apply and Gain Readmission

  1. Submit a War Hawk Way Back readmission application.
  2. Once submitted, the registrar’s office will review your application and any holds. You will be contacted and advised.
  3. Reenroll in courses and your degree program. The registrar will provide advising or connect you with your faculty advisor.
  4. Once you complete a semester, a portion of your balance will be forgiven and posted to your account. Subsequent enrollment and semester completion is required to obtain the full amount of debt forgiveness.

More Information

Still have questions? To learn more about the War Hawk Way Back program either submit an application or contact the registrar’s office directly.