Type of Program
At McMurry students will receive a firm background in liberal arts as well as training in business courses that will prepare them for the business world. McMurry offers a B.B.A. with a concentration in accounting, which includes courses in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation and auditing for a broad exposure to the field.

You can also pursue a Master of Accountancy at McMurry University.
Coaches spend their lives positively impacting the physical and emotional wellbeing of athletes. Your minor in coaching administration will act as a reinforcement to other kinesiology programs at McMurry. During your studies, you’ll learn to engage with players of all ages, understand the body and its movement and create sports lesson plans and curriculum. You’ll be prepared for game day with team strategies and motivational techniques to help your players thrive. An administration of coaching minor prepares you for work as a personal trainer, sports coach or manager.
Allied Health professionals serve patients as part of the healthcare team, but in a role other than physician, nurse or dentist. The field encompasses acute care, rehabilitative and restorative medicine professions: physical and occupational therapists, sonographers and radiologists, chiropractors, speech language pathologists, respiratory therapists, genetic counselors, patient educators, medical assistants and more.

The McMurry University Department of Art is dedicated to keeping the fine arts alive through a well-rounded study of studio techniques, digital art and administrative skills. Take a look around the department to learn more about the exciting opportunities available for art students.

• Art Education
• Multimedia and Graphic Design
• Studio Arts
• Art (Minor)
• Arts Administration (Minor)
• Multimedia Applications (Minor)
Earning an art minor opens a window of opportunity for rewarding and creative career options. You’ll develop a well-rounded understanding of drawing, design, studio arts and art history. Plus, you’ll engage in extracurriculars of your choosing. Artists impact the world on a fundamental level. Their work is essential to the function of the education system, marketing and web design, and connecting the world with their inner creative. As an artist, you’ll be able to choose from career options like graphic design, art curation, animation, art education, craftsmanship, fine art and more.
If you have a passion for art that you simply must share with others, consider a major in art education. As a professional art educator, you’ll take students on an adventure through painting, ceramics, drawing and more. You’ll get your hands dirty and inspire creativity in young minds — there’s so much to explore! Studies at McMurry University will prepare you with developmentally appropriate teaching skills and core art techniques to help students in 7th-12th grades thrive in the classroom.

Arts administration professionals help the world appreciate art in a real way. Those actively working in the field are art and cultural curators, nonprofit workers, government officials and more. As an art administrator, you’ll be dedicated to preserving history and culture through avenues like museum displays, theater art performances and nonprofit fundraising. You’ll study art movements, timelines and famous artistic styles — and learn to identify different time periods just by looking at pieces. An art administrator combines their love of art with strong communication and administrative skills.