Type of Program
At McMurry students will receive a firm background in liberal arts as well as training in business courses that will prepare them for the business world. McMurry offers a B.B.A. with a concentration in accounting, which includes courses in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation and auditing for a broad exposure to the field.

You can also pursue a Master of Accountancy at McMurry University.
Coaches spend their lives positively impacting the physical and emotional wellbeing of athletes. Your minor in coaching administration will act as a reinforcement to other kinesiology programs at McMurry. During your studies, you’ll learn to engage with players of all ages, understand the body and its movement and create sports lesson plans and curriculum. You’ll be prepared for game day with team strategies and motivational techniques to help your players thrive. An administration of coaching minor prepares you for work as a personal trainer, sports coach or manager.
Allied Health professionals serve patients as part of the healthcare team, but in a role other than physician, nurse or dentist. The field encompasses acute care, rehabilitative and restorative medicine professions: physical and occupational therapists, sonographers and radiologists, chiropractors, speech language pathologists, respiratory therapists, genetic counselors, patient educators, medical assistants and more.

The McMurry University Department of Art is dedicated to keeping the fine arts alive through a well-rounded study of studio techniques, digital art and administrative skills. Take a look around the department to learn more about the exciting opportunities available for art students.

• Art Education
• Multimedia and Graphic Design
• Studio Arts
• Art (Minor)
• Arts Administration (Minor)
• Multimedia Applications (Minor)
Earning an art minor opens a window of opportunity for rewarding and creative career options. You’ll develop a well-rounded understanding of drawing, design, studio arts and art history. Plus, you’ll engage in extracurriculars of your choosing. Artists impact the world on a fundamental level. Their work is essential to the function of the education system, marketing and web design, and connecting the world with their inner creative. As an artist, you’ll be able to choose from career options like graphic design, art curation, animation, art education, craftsmanship, fine art and more.
If you have a passion for art that you simply must share with others, consider a major in art education. As a professional art educator, you’ll take students on an adventure through painting, ceramics, drawing and more. You’ll get your hands dirty and inspire creativity in young minds — there’s so much to explore! Studies at McMurry University will prepare you with developmentally appropriate teaching skills and core art techniques to help students in 7th-12th grades thrive in the classroom.

Arts administration professionals help the world appreciate art in a real way. Those actively working in the field are art and cultural curators, nonprofit workers, government officials and more. As an art administrator, you’ll be dedicated to preserving history and culture through avenues like museum displays, theater art performances and nonprofit fundraising. You’ll study art movements, timelines and famous artistic styles — and learn to identify different time periods just by looking at pieces. An art administrator combines their love of art with strong communication and administrative skills.
The McMurry University Bachelor of Science in biochemistry can prepare students for careers in disparate fields, such as business, government, law, environmental science, academics, forensics and healthcare, as well as postgraduate degrees in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, physical therapy, biotechnology, academic administration and more. McMurry has ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS with several Texas colleges and universities that enable students to make a seamless transition to graduate or professional school.
Biology is the study of life in all its forms — from single-cell microorganisms to complex multicellular plants and animals. The biology program at McMurry University focuses on the organism and how the organism interacts in and with the natural world. Courses explore the diversity of species, ecological interactions between individuals and species, and the evolutionary relationships between taxa. As a biologist, you’ll use the scientific method to observe, ask questions, generate hypotheses, perform experiments and form conclusions about the world around us.
Biomedical science focuses on the critically important areas where biology and medicine intersect — from the broad study of human biology to specialized disciplines like microbiology, physiology, molecular biology and immunology. The biomedical science program at McMurry University focuses on the cellular processes and molecular basis for life. By exploring anatomical and histological structures, epidemiology, and physical function, biomedical science helps us understand and respond to a wide range of health challenges. You can find biomedical scientists investigating the cause of disease at the cellular level, testing new pharmaceuticals, developing treatment plans for patients and much more.
McMurry offers competitive business degree programs though the Walter F. and Virginia Johnson School of Business that prepare students for success in their careers.

• Accounting
• Business Administration
• Computer Information Systems
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance
• Management
• Marketing
• International Business
Students of business administration learn highly marketable skills that are essential for all aspects of business operations. You’ll take courses in marketing, accounting, economics, consumer behavior, business ethics and entrepreneurship that will give you the skills needed to participate in a startup company or become a successful member of the workforce. As part of your education, you’ll complete an internship or capstone project that showcases your skills. At McMurry, you can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration on campus or online.
The McMurry University Bachelor of Arts in chemistry can form the foundation for professions that rely on an understanding of chemical properties and reactions. Students learn the basic mathematical and physical principles of chemistry. When paired with a minor or graduate studies, they are prepared for many different careers, such as healthcare administration, industrial sales, manufacturing, patent law, science journalism or policy advising.
The McMurry Bachelor of Science in Chemistry offers instruction in scientific theory and builds practical skills in the lab using the leading-edge equipment and technology. Chemistry majors also have an opportunity to work alongside faculty to contribute to the university’s ongoing research programs, broadening your real-world experience.
McMurry University provides a high-quality education for students interested in Christian ministry. Our department of religion and philosophy offers a theological education firmly based in historic Christianity that is simultaneously relevant to the needs of the modern world. Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Christian ministry or a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Christian ministry prepares students for the pastoral joys and challenges of faith in a diverse, dynamic culture. In addition, graduates find that they are extremely well prepared for seminary studies.
The communication minor at McMurry University seeks to develop communicators as advocates capable of bridging boundaries, whether they are cultural, professional, or technological.
Technology is growing rapidly, and so is the need for talented computer information systems professionals. This is the degree program for you if you are enthused with building, programming or diagnosing computer systems. You’ll learn computer coding, software development, internet programming and database management. Upon completion of your degree, you’ll be prepared to thrive in the corporate world, start your own business in computer information systems or pursue advanced studies. As part of your studies, you’ll complete an internship or capstone project.
Computer science is a very desirable field because graduates are employable across a wide range of different industries. Because there are more jobs than qualified candidates in many specialties, your chance of landing a good role right out of school is unusually high. As a computer science graduate, you’ll be able to explore the connections between computer science, physical sciences, social sciences, linguistics, engineering and mathematics or pursue your own unique specialization at the Ph.D. level.
This specialized undergraduate degree prepares students to earn a certification in teaching computer science in grades 6-12. With a Bachelor of Science in computer science grades 6-12, you will learn everything you need to know about computer hardware, software and networking systems, as well as earn a minor in curriculum and instruction.
Clinical counselors and marriage/family therapists help patients navigate some of the most difficult moments of their lives. They support individuals through times of crisis, advise them about their relationships, educate them about parenting, help them gain insight about themselves and their life goals and exercise compassion no matter the circumstances.
Criminal justice is the study of law enforcement and the structures created to hold criminals accountable for their actions. An education in criminal justice may include studies like criminal accusations and rights, court sentencing, rehabilitation during and after incarceration, and more. Whether you’re passionate about protecting victims of crime, interested in reforming judicial laws or want to help the incarcerated return to life after time served, this degree offers multiple opportunities for a reputable and long-lasting career.

As a student of criminology, you answer the call to protect and serve by focusing your attention on the criminal mind. The McMurry criminology curriculum provides a solid grounding in psychology of the human mind as it relates to offenses against the law. As a criminologist, you’ll gain knowledge in criminal profiling, learn techniques for predicting and preventing crime, and act as a vital participant in law enforcement. Studies include cause-and-effect analysis, sociology and serial murder investigations. You’ll seek to understand the factors that lead to crime, like socioeconomic factors, education, peer influence, drug and alcohol abuse, and
The cybersecurity industry is expected to grow by nearly a third over the next ten years, and small and large firms in virtually every industry are clamoring for trained cybersecurity graduates. To address this demand, McMurry University offers a hybrid (on-campus and online) and 100% online Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity, designed for the traditional student and to fit around full-time work or family commitments. The program equips you for success in various positions, including security analyst, security engineer, security administrator, and security consultant. It also prepares you to earn key industry certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, EC-Council, and LPI to jump-start
Early childhood education is the study of children from birth through age 8. This is a critical stage for learning and development. The first few years of life are characterized by rapid growth in speaking, reading and problem-solving. It is a time when students begin to learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, mathematics, science and creative expression, and they start developing their socioemotional skills. The study of early childhood education sets the stage for a career educating young learners.
Early childhood education ESL (English as a second language) endorsement and bilingual education focuses on the educational needs of all young learners and English language learners in early childhood education. Early childhood is a time of significant social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. The study of early childhood education and bilingual education gives students an understanding of the theories and practices behind educating young children with additional emphasis on second language acquisition and development.
The study of engineering physics builds foundational knowledge of physics, engineering and mathematics. In addition to scientific coursework, you be exposed to technical training and experiential learning opportunities. This STEM degree is flexible enough to prepare you for a variety of graduate-level engineering programs – specifically mechanical or civil engineering, as well as a technology career upon graduation.
English language arts and reading grades 4-8 covers the skills and knowledge you need to teach younger students English language structure and grammar and how to read and enjoy literary texts. English teachers of students in grades 4-8 are skilled at helping students become strong, confident readers who are familiar with literary genres. Educators of English language arts have extensive knowledge of children's literature, reading instructional methods across multilingual classrooms and learning assessment.
English language arts and reading grades 7-12 will prepare you to be an effective English teacher in middle and high school classrooms. English language arts and reading focuses on planning and implementing instructional practices that help students learn and understand English language and literature. By sharing your skill and enthusiasm for the English language and the wide variety of texts and literary styles, you’ll help 7th to 12th graders broaden their language and reading skills and be ready for college and career success.
With a degree in English studies, you will learn the skills and analytic methods necessary to develop and consider imaginative responses to the wide range of literary content areas and genres that exist in contemporary culture. English studies majors learn critical analysis skills that are applicable to any field but are essential in careers requiring analysis and communication, such as writing, publishing, teaching, public relations and advertising.
McMurry’s entrepreneurship program explores the steps needed to create, maintain and grow a successful enterprise, including what keeps a business operational, the complexities of capitalization, finance, accounting and marketing. Targeted training and skilled professors will help you evaluate your goals and develop and refine your ideas. With courses in law for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial finance, family and prosaic enterprises, high-growth enterprises, and an internship or capstone project, students will be prepared to launch their own business, enter consulting or academia, or work at various levels of a corporation. At McMurry, you can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in entrepreneurship.
Environmental science focuses on understanding the impact of human activity on the natural world and developing solutions to environmental challenges. Environmental scientists seek to understand earth processes, manage natural resources and monitor the health of the environment. Because our environment includes people, environmental science also includes an understanding of how human relationships, perceptions and policies can work to harm or heal the environment.
Ethics is the study of mores and morality. The McMurry University Department of Religion and Philosophy offers a minor in ethics that can be combined with degrees in religion, philosophy, Christian ministry, interfaith studies and other related disciplines. Our courses require students to engage in critical thinking as they study classical and contemporary texts that bear directly on the question of how to lead a good life. Our program enriches a career in ministry, law, education, healthcare, business and more by providing the skill to address the ethical challenges of living responsibly in the 21st century.
A degree in exercise science and human performance explores the systems and structures of the human body and how they relate to performance, injury and healing. Students who graduate with an exercise science and human performance degree can take the first step towards a career in exercise science, physical therapy, chiropractic care, occupational therapy and more. You’ll study the latest research in kinesiology, anatomy, nutrition and physiology — with the goal of understanding and improving strength, mobility, wellness and optimal athletic performance.
Film studies analyzes cinema and related issues, such as adaptations and serializations. Examining film as a medium develops an understanding of how filmmakers use visual and audio elements to convey messages, tell stories and explore complex topics. The study of film can encompass a range of areas, including history and criticism of film, the technology used in filmmaking, actors’ performances, screenwriting techniques and more. Filmmaking involves multiple disciplines, including directing, screenwriting, producing, acting and camera work.
To be successful, have a solid background in decision science and other quantitative fields. A strong understanding of accounting and good writing skills is mandatory. Finance curriculum at McMurry offers statistics, quantitative methods, and corporate, international, public and advanced seminar finance.
Following the fourth century conquest of Alexander the Great, Greek became the common language of the eastern Mediterranean world. It is not surprising, then, that all the texts that would become the New Testament were composed originally in Greek. A solid mastery of Greek will afford unique insight into these texts and will contribute to a solid foundation for any career in Christian service. Students at McMurry University can also fulfill their foreign language requirement by studying Greek; many who do so choose to minor in Greek. You can combine a minor in Greek with virtually any major.
Learn about the events and cultures that have shaped our world and led to the development of our nation – and those around the world. An understanding of the past, sharp writing skills and close attention to scholarship will prepare you for a large swath of career paths.
The Bachelor of Science in Human Health Science is offered, with two concentrations:

• Allied Health Professions Preparation
• Medical and Research

Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Wellness
Information technology is a field with wide-open career opportunities. Industries of all kinds need qualified IT professionals to fill both entry-level and leadership roles worldwide. As a McMurry University IT graduate, you’ll be ready to bridge the connection between computers, programming languages, databases and social media or extend your studies with an advanced degree.
The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree is a flexible program allowing students to customize their college degree. It is intended for students who want to obtain broad knowledge through pursuit of three different concentrations. All BIS students complete the regular general education course work but have no traditional major or minor. Instead they complete a set of prescribed courses in each of three different BIS concentrations of their choice, drawn from participating departments from across campus.
A minor in Interfaith Studies was developed as a result of the high need for religious literacy in most professions. Teachers, nurses, coaches, doctors, business persons, and more will encounter religious diversity in their professional lives. This eighteen hour minor prepares students for the diversity they will encounter in their chosen professions and pairs well with almost any major.
A minor in international business combines the knowledge of business operations with culture and diplomacy. You’ll learn about world banking and trading systems while acquiring the skills to do business in markets around the world and adapt business concepts to other countries’ financial, sociopolitical, legal and economic systems. Once you’ve decided your major, you’ll choose a country or region of focus so that you’ll be prepared with the appropriate cultural intelligence. The international business minor offers a unique opportunity to broaden your business acumen and career options.
Kinesiology is the study of the human body and its movement and ability. Professional kinesiologists have the unique job of rebalancing and realigning patients’ physical and nutritional habits for wellness and performance. As a kinesiology professional, your passion for understanding the human body and helping others will be rewarded with a fulfilling career mentoring up-and-coming athletes or helping injury survivors recover their lives. Students who with a background in kinesiology can be found in occupations like physical rehabilitation, fitness consulting, athletic conditioning, coaching and more.
Life science encompasses a wide range of areas focused on the nature and development of life, its interaction with the environment, and practices that improve quality and longevity. Within this broad area of inquiry, there are dozens of specializations, including biotechnology, immunology, genetics, medicine, marine biology, zoology, taxonomy, environmental science and more — all focused on exploring life and its role on the planet. Depending on their area of specialty, life scientists work to understand living organisms from the micro to macro level. Their efforts lead to medical breakthroughs, pharmaceutical advancements and strengthened ecosystems. The study of life science provides an
Business management explores leadership through the lens of traditional, transitional and transformational practices with the goal of creating a successful company from a managerial perspective. With accomplished business professors to guide you, you’ll learn what it takes to build strong teams, motivate different personalities and work with employees of all backgrounds. Management is all about becoming a compassionate, inspirational leader to drive individual performance and operational success. At McMurry, you’ll study human resource management, operations management, 21st century leadership, organizational behavior and more, while participation in an internship or capstone project will give you real-world experience.
Marketing connects products to their ideal audiences, blending the science of business with the art of creativity. If you thrive on measuring results within the context of taking a creative approach to business opportunities, marketing is a career option that combines both interests. Mastering the science of data, communication and strategy allows you to track performance against expectation and adjust messaging and tactics to drive sales growth. Creativity, multimedia communication, data analysis and strategic planning are techniques you can learn to build a successful brand, while an internship or capstone project offers experiential training in your field.
Mathematics is the study of the relationships between numbers, structures and patterns, and it is the foundation upon which most other sciences are built. It allows for the collection and processing of data about the world around us and abstract concepts that have no physical representation. The McMurry University Bachelor of Science in mathematics enables students to explore a wide range of mathematical disciplines, and it can be preparation for many technical careers; the foundation for business, medical and law degrees; and the impetus for doctoral-level studies in mathematics or a related field.
The McMurry University Bachelor of Science in mathematics grades 4-8 prepares students to take the certification exam for teaching mathematics to elementary and junior high school students. The degree program teaches basic mathematical principles that underlie modern science, and the ways young students can better engage with them. A minor in curriculum and instruction is required for this major.
The McMurry University Bachelor of Science grades 7-12 familiarizes students with the mathematical principles that underlie modern science and the ways you can help students engage with them. Plan to take a minor in curriculum and instruction, required with this degree.
Medical research expands our knowledge of illness and treatments, pushing the boundaries of medicine forward. Through clinical trials and other means, medical researchers investigate the workings of diseases, evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments and test medical devices in a quest to continually improve human health and wellness. Medical researchers need a strong foundation in biomedical science and exercise science. McMurry’s medical research track will prepare you for further schooling in medical research and health science.
Multidisciplinary studies I grades 7-12 focuses on instructional methods and building subject-matter expertise to teach secondary school students in the field of your choosing. Through a cross-departmental approach, you will study the fundamentals of your subject area, developmental and learning needs of adolescents, and curriculum planning and assessment to ensure student success in your field.
Multidisciplinary studies II grades 4-8 covers the breadth of study needed to teach students in the fourth through eighth grades. Your choice of mathematics, English language arts and reading, social studies, or science will determine your teaching field. However, you and your peers will also gain the broad instructional competencies necessary to help older elementary and middle school students succeed.
A McMurry University Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in multimedia and graphic design dive deep into digital art and technology. As society becomes more technologically advanced, digital artists are in high demand for 3D animation, web design and computer system design. You’ll study the latest in visual trends, color theory, programming, illustration, digital editing, photography and more. Your mastery of form and function — in various media — provides a solid foundation for an exciting career where technical talent is valued as highly as creative flair. Graphic designers and multimedia artists can be found working for advertising agencies
If you’re fascinated by the visual arts of video games, animated movies and marketing billboards, then multimedia applications may just be the degree for you. Your artistic skill and innate gift for color pairing are highly valuable in today’s technology markets. As media use surges around the world, the need for stunning artwork continues to grow — and companies are eagerly seeking talented creators.
Music enriches our world in so many ways, be it a mood-setting song in a coffee shop, an exciting movie score or a whimsical ringtone. A successful career in the music field not only requires intensive practice of your instrument or vocal technique, but it also necessitates cooperation in group performance, a background in music history and a firm understanding of music theory.
Music educators share the joy of music with others and help their students develop their own musical talents. Those who teach voice are proficient at their craft with plenty of performance experience. They must also understand music and vocal performance intimately enough to teach it — and understand how students learn. As a music education major with an emphasis in vocal performance, you’ll learn to help individual students refine their vocal technique and conduct a choral performance. You’ll also learn music theory and music history to give your future students a well-rounded education.
Music educators share the joy of music with others and help their students to develop their own musical talents. Music educators are proficient at their craft, with plenty of performance experience. They must also understand music intimately enough to teach it — and understand how students learn. As a music education major with an emphasis in instrumental music, you’ll learn how to teach individual students their instruments and how to lead a group of musicians through a performance. This includes learning how to teach different types of instruments such as wind, percussion and brass. You’ll also learn music theory
Like the broader field of psychology, neurocognitive psychology is concerned with the workings of the human mind—our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But this specialized field delves deeply into the physiological processes that affect the brain and the ways that humans process and store information.
Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing is a part of a consortium which provides collegiate nursing education in Texas. Through the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing, McMurry University offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Undergraduate Majors
• Nursing (RN-BSN) (Online)
• Nursing

Graduate Studies Majors
• Master of Science in Nursing, Education Track
• Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Track
Philosophy has been known traditionally as the queen of the sciences since it explores ultimate questions that other disciplines take for granted, such as “What is ‘the good’?” “Does God exist?” “What constitutes a just state?”. The study of philosophy enhances students’ capacity for critical analysis, stimulates independent thinking and promotes sound reasoning based upon knowledge, moral reasoning and religious insight. The study of philosophy is exceptional preparation for law, medicine, business and other professional programs. McMurry University offers a minor in philosophy.
Imagine taking your excitement for physical education and sharing it with others. Physical education majors combine their love of sports with their natural talent for education management — and inspire the next generation of athletes along the way. As a physical education student, you’ll explore body autonomy, muscle mass, nutrition and the mechanics of body movement. You’ll engage in hands-on learning and receive a well-rounded education to prepare you for a career as a physical education teacher, health educator or fitness instructor. By choosing all levels of physical education, you’ll be prepared to teach at the elementary or
Physicists conduct studies and experiments to better understand space, time, matter, and energy – and how these fundamental building blocks of nature interact with each other. You’ll learn about the smallest components of matter, the ways energy can be transmitted and contained, and the mysteries of how the world around us came to be. A focus on physical sciences and mathematics – with ample experiential learning in the lab will prepare you for any number of technical career paths, as well as for graduate level study.
The Department of Political Science seeks to equip majors with the intellectual tools for understanding: the political systems of the United States and other countries across the globe; the international dynamics of an interdependent world; and different philosophical perspectives on politics.
If you are interested in an engineering career, McMurry offers a bachelor of science in engineering physics or a bachelor of science in physics with a focus on electrical pre-engineering. Students in both tracks take mostly the same classes during their freshman year and begin to diverge and specialize at the sophomore and junior years. Either degree plan will give you the mathematics and physics background needed to pursue a master’s level degree in an engineering discipline. It will also qualify you to move immediately into an entry-level technical job in a variety of industries.
The McMurry University pre-ministry program prepares and supports students interested in vocational or avocational ministries. Pre-ministry students are encouraged to major or minor in religion or Christian ministry, but the program is open to all students. For students pursuing a career as a minister, is important to consult their respective denominations to ensure they are completing ordination requirements and complying with standards of ministerial preparation. Many pre-ministerial students complete internships in local churches or otherwise serve in part-time positions in ministry. Students are encouraged to participate in the Religious Life Office as well as Kappa Delta Sigma, a student organization
Psychology is the study of human behavior and emotion. It covers a broad range of topics—cognition, motivation, personality development, social influences, memory, communication and mental health disorders, just to name a few. Psychology also acknowledges the role of biology in human behavior and adheres to the scientific method in seeking knowledge.
The study of religion has always been a rich and rewarding field of inquiry, and the McMurry University Department of Religion and Philosophy will provide you the opportunity to explore religious diversity in a global context, all the while grounded in the historic Christian tradition. Majoring or minoring in religion will challenge you to grow intellectually and spiritually and prepare you to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s increasingly globalized culture. Your studies can prepare you for many careers, including Christian ministry, social work, nonprofit and community development organizations or graduate studies in theology, law or politics.
Turn your natural management skills into a fulfilling career with the formal study of servant leadership. This minor program explores McMurry University’s Christian roots and teaches a wide range of skills that will equip you for a faith-focused job in human resources, nonprofit, government, business and beyond. Capable leaders are essential for every avenue of business development and ministry, so you’ll graduate with the spectrum of career options available to you. You’ll combine the study of sociology and psychology with real-world experience to lead by example in encouraging and empowering others to succeed.
Sociology is the study of human behavior — how factors like religion, culture, relationships and social constructs affect people, groups and all of humanity. From complex societies to the one-on-one laws of attraction, sociologists use data and psychology to decode the experiences we all share. With a degree in sociology, you’ll understand family constructs, organized institutions, social class, race and other factors that motivate individuals and shape society. Empathy and drive for change make sociologists incredible candidates for meaningful, world-improving careers. Humanity is exciting and complex. The skills you learn during your sociology studies will serve you in your career
Spoken by over 500 million people worldwide, Spanish is one of the world’s major languages. Spanish studies is an interdisciplinary field that involves the study of the language, linguistic structure, literature and culture of Spanish-speaking communities. Studying Spanish can open opportunities across industries as bilingual professionals are in high demand in a wide variety of careers.
Sports and Wellness Leadership prepares you for the big leagues – whether at the corporate or collegiate level, in the front office or on the sidelines, in training room or the boardroom. This versatile degree provides fundamental knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, psychology and kinesiology while developing the effective communications and leadership skills you’ll need for career success. The degree is a gateway to a master’s level degree in a variety of disciplines, and the career possibilities are exciting and endless – from sports management, communications and operations to athletic trainer, athletic director, head coach, executive director, and more.
Studio art is the study of art in all its magnificent forms. With a McMurry University Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio arts, students enjoy refining core skills, like painting, drawing, photography and ceramic arts, while also exploring art from a digital perspective. Today’s digital age has ushered in many exciting new media and career options for the studio artist — so graphic design, user interface and mass market appeal are all taught in this competitive degree program.
The Sustainability and Renewable Resources major focuses on advancing practices that can slow or remediate environmental damage and transform the theory of renewability into action. Sustainability is a holistic field that looks at societal problems of resources and waste management from a variety of perspectives—including culture, business, science and policy. The goal is a balanced approach that moderates risks while maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in the future. McMurry University is proud to provide a Sustainability and Renewable Resources major to West Texas.
Do you live for that surge of excitement right before the curtain rises on a theatre production? Do you love all the energy and camaraderie that go into creating imaginary worlds where performers and audiences alike get lost in a story and forget their cares? Then you’ll love training in the art of theatre at McMurry University. Whether elevating your acting chops or expanding your behind-the-scenes skills, you’ll explore the full spectrum of theatre production from dynamic theatre professionals who’ve done it themselves — and remain active in the field. From all areas of performance to directing, lighting,
Does your love for theatre extend to sharing its creativity and powerful experiences with young people? If you see yourself inspiring students to love learning and express themselves through the theatre arts, McMurry University offers the ideal environment. Our theatre arts education program equips you with a broad foundation of skill sets, pedagogical techniques and understanding to spark discovery in others and propel your own success and fulfillment. You’ll learn to develop students’ confidence and communication skills from masterful, dedicated faculty members. Equally important, you’ll develop the management skills required to launch, nurture and grow theatre programs. Your
Whatever the occupation, strong writing and thinking skills are essential for success. The field of writing covers all written communication from fiction to nonfiction, such as creative writing, professional and technical writing, and writing print and digital media. Writers craft stories, convey ideas and persuade readers. The writing concentration develops the writing, thinking and imagining skills necessary for success in a variety of career paths.