Experience Real Growth Potential With Your Online BBA Degree

Whether you want to finish your degree or move up in your career, McMurry University’s 100% online Bachelor of Business Administration offers an affordable, flexible format that fits your budget and schedule.

Our online BBA degree program graduates build a foundation in general business knowledge to get ahead in today’s competitive job market. Boost your career, your income potential and open endless opportunities to meet your professional and personal goals. You’ll learn values, knowledge and skills to apply business principles in a wide array of settings, from a small business to a large company.

As one of McMurry University’s most popular programs, the online BBA degree program expands your network and opportunities without breaking the bank. In fact, U.S. News & World Report named McMurry the No. 4 Best Value among Regional Universities in the West in recent rankings.

Finish faster with previous college experience

McMurry provides a flexible, accelerated path to completing your bachelor’s in business administration online. Our generous transfer policy will enable you to use your previous college experience to finish faster and take your career to the next level. Complete your undergraduate business degree online today at McMurry University.

Why Earn Your Bachelor of Business Administration Online Degree at McMurry?

Looking to advance into leadership roles in your organization? Do you want to develop fundamental skills to shift into an exciting career in business? Hoping to finish your business degree online as quickly as possible? The versatile online BBA degree at McMurry can help you find success, opening the door to a range of new career opportunities.

Built for busy professionals

Expand your network and advance your career—100% online in seven-week sessions.

High quality, great value

Develop business acumen and solutions for success with one of the most affordable online business degree programs in Texas. Additionally, all textbooks and resources are included in tuition saving you even more.

Expert instructors

Learn and apply business concepts related to ethics, organizational behavior, management and more in courses taught by experienced professors.

Courses You Will Take in the Online BBA Degree Program

With an average class size of just 16 students, McMurry University provides a personal experience in a tight knit online learning community that encourages connection. Collaborate virtually with faculty and peers through your bachelor’s in business administration online courses that include:

  • Business Finance
  • Contemporary Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics in Business and Society
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Strategic Management

Learn more about our online BBA degree curriculum below.

McMurry’s online business degree program culminates with a capstone course integrating fundamental business concepts, such as marketing, finance, accounting, management and economics. You’ll work in a team, simulating senior level management structures in roles like CEO and president, to manage and make decisions for your simulated company.

What Can You Do With Your Bachelor of Business Administration?

McMurry’s 100% online, affordable Bachelor of Business Administration program will prepare you for a wide range of career paths and is a great foundation to earning an MBA.

Expand your strengths, advance your career

As you earn your Bachelor of Business Administration, you’ll grow your understanding and build a set of well-rounded business skills to meet real-world job demands in a variety of professions, such as:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Human resources

The McMurry online business degree program can help you earn more and stand out in the job market, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The median annual wage for business and financial occupations was $72,250 in 2020—more than $30,000 higher than median salary for all occupations.

Plus, job opportunities in the business and financial fields are expected to grow 8% through 2030.

Get Started on Your McMurry Bachelor of Business Administration

Earn your undergraduate business degree online at your own pace in a flexible format with support throughout the program. We have the resources to help you get started—including a designated student success coach.



Program Format:
New students are accepted into the General Business BBA Program every 8 weeks. Each semester is divided into two seven-week terms. Students seeking full-time status will take two classes each term for a total of four classes a semester. Students who enroll full time  for all 6 subterms  may earn up to 36 hours of credit toward their degree each academic year.

Transfer credit:
There are multiple ways to transfer credit to McMurry University. Courses eligible for transfer credit are those courses generally considered to be academic in nature; taken for college credit (not remedial or taken specifically for athletic participation) with a grade of at least C; and from a regionally accredited institution. Course credit can also be awarded through examination, such as CLEP or departmental examinations.

Your academic advisor will be able to review the results of your transcript evaluation with you.

Credit Hours 39

General Education Requirements

Additional Elective Credit Hours 21

An additional 12 elective hours will be needed to reach the necessary 120 hours for graduation. The number of elective hours varies depending on foreign language hours needed and transfer courses.

Supporting Course: ACAD 1199 Orientation to Online Learning

Total Hours to Earn a Degree 120

Final acceptance of transfer courses, course equivalency, and credits awarded toward a degree at McMurry is subject to the approval of the Registrar.

Language requirement:
Students who graduated from high school without two years of study in a single foreign language may be required to take 8 hours of a single foreign language. Students who graduated prior to 2006 are exempted from this requirement.


Additional Information