Vet Village 1946

Vet Village

During World War II, men’s dorms were virtually empty.  When the war ended, soldiers returned and dorms were full to overflowing.  Buildings from Camp Barkeley and a collection of house trailers formed “Vet Village and “Trailer Town,” providing housing for married students.  In the fall of 1946, when the complex opened, Vet Village consisted of twenty houses, twenty trailers and fifteen apartments located on eleven acres of land acquired by the college just southeast of the campus.  The buildings were given to McMurry by the federal government for the purpose of housing ex-G.I.s.  Rents ranged from $20 to $45 per month. Vet Village quickly filled with veterans and their families, and the demand for space remained high.  As time went by, there were fewer veterans living in Vet Villages; however, housing was used for married students until the mid-1990s when Driggers Field was built at the same location.