Community Commitment Assists Families Who Serve

Half Tuition Scholarships Honor Public Service

Service as the measure of life is one of McMurry University’s core values. To highlight this core value, McMurry offers a scholarship to honor the service of students and their families. The Community Commitment scholarship program provides additional funding opportunities for those students and families who share and demonstrate McMurry’s core value of service.

To honor the commitment and sacrifice of public servants, McMurry offers scholarships for students who are employed by, or whose parent, legal guardian, or spouse is employed full-time as a first responder, at a non-profit organization, in public service, healthcare, ministry, or education. The Community Commitment scholarship offers financial aid to guarantee that eligible students receive at least 50% of their tuition in scholarship.

“Our goal was to emphasize the core values of the institution, including ‘Service as the Measure of Life.’ We wanted to extend more financial aid and honor the service so many of our families give,” said Grant Greenwood, vice president for enrollment management. “The Community Commitment blends both and is another way McMurry demonstrates commitment to value, affordability, and quality education.”

Now in its fourth year, the freshman class of 2023 had 68.8% of students qualify for the Community Commitment. “The Community Commitment is a unique program exclusive to McMurry,” said Greenwood. As long as students meet eligibility guidelines, the Commitment is provided all four years.

“This program helped us identify families and students whose values and philosophies are complementary to McMurry, and lets them know we value them,” said Greenwood.

How the Community Commitment Works

– Upon receiving a completed application, with high school/college transcripts, test scores, and FAFSA, the Financial Aid office will compile a total award package that includes the Community Commitment, if eligible, and any other forms of financial aid.

– The application to McMurry asks for parent, guardian, or spouse information and place of employment. A Community Commitment application is also available on the application portal.

– Any McMurry merit-based scholarships and other eligible McMurry institutional funds are applied to a student’s financial aid package.

– If a student’s institutional sources of aid do not equal 50% of tuition, McMurry will award Community Commitment scholarship funds to reach the cost of 50% of tuition. This ensures half of their tuition is covered by institutional funds. Students who receive more than 50% of their tuition in institutional scholarships will meet the Community Commitment 50% minimum.

– A FAFSA is not required for Community Commitment eligibility, but strongly encouraged, so that other eligible forms of financial aid can be identified. Other financial aid can help cover the cost of the remaining half of tuition and other educational expenses such as room, board, and fees. These can include federal and state need-based grants such as PELL and TEG, which benefit the student by not counting toward the 50% Community Commitment portion of tuition.

– The Community Commitment does not reduce tuition by 50%. Rather, the program guarantees eligible students will receive, at minimum, 50% of their tuition in scholarships from McMurry.

– Room, board, fees and other expenses are not covered by the Community Commitment.

– Even if tuition rates change, McMurry’s commitment to covering tuition to 50% will remain intact.


– All full-time freshman students, and transfer students to McMurry, who take classes on campus are eligible to apply, regardless of major.

– The Admissions Office can confirm if a student, spouse, parent, or guardian is employed by an eligible organization.

– For Community Commitment renewal, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and make satisfactory progress toward a degree.

– If a student is not eligible for Community Commitment, they may be eligible for many other scholarships and merit-based aid.

– Some merit-based scholarships cover more than 50% of tuition, and those recipients are not eligible for Community Commitment.

– Students enrolled in Aides to Teachers and the Blue Streak program are not eligible, but do receive a reduced tuition rate.

“We are thankful for the service these families provide and are pleased to provide them with tuition assistance,” said Greenwood.

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