The McMurry University Department of Art & Design is dedicated to keeping the fine arts alive through a well-rounded study of studio techniques, digital art and administrative skills. You’ll combine your natural creative talent with professional study to become a respected career artist and expert in your field of choice.

The passion that brings you to study art at McMurry is the same passion our professors and faculty share. We’re excited to help you become proficient in painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, graphic design, arts administration and more. Our curriculum covers a vast number of cultures and artistic movements to create a contemporary pluralistic worldview to enhance your education.

You’ll learn highly marketable skills that satisfy your passion for design while positioning you as a coveted member of the workforce. We’ll apply classical art techniques with modern practices so you can thrive in careers like graphic design, illustration, studio art, brand design, photography, interior design, arts administration, gallery curation and more.

Take a look around the department to learn more about the exciting opportunities available for art students. We’re excited to walk alongside you as you take your first steps to explore a world of creating.

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Areas of Study

Enrolling in McMurry’s Art & Design program is just the beginning of your exciting future in the arts. We offer popular degree plans in competitive fields of study.

Art Education

If your love of the arts covers a broad spectrum of mediums, a fulfilling career in art education may be right for you. You’ll get to share your passion for creating with young minds and inspire the next generation of artists. Your studies at McMurry will span from early childhood education to the study of fine art skills, such as painting, drawing, ceramics and photography. You’ll learn how to communicate with every eager learner, and you’ll be prepared with the tools and resources you need to continue your education with a teacher’s certificate. At McMurry, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in art education; a minor in curriculum and instruction is required. Art Education

Multimedia and Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of blending creativity and technology to visually communicate ideas, messages, and stories. It's the dynamic force behind the logos, websites, advertisements, and visual content that shape our modern world. At McMurry University, our Multimedia and Graphic Design program is your gateway to mastering this influential field. Our program fosters your artistic talents while equipping you with the technical skills needed to bring your visions to life. Explore your creativity in a supportive and innovative environment. You will stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of graphic design with a curriculum that reflects the latest industry trends while learning from experienced faculty who are passionate about their craft. We believe in the value of real-world experiences through hands-on projects, internships, and collaboration with local businesses. Upon graduation, you will have built a robust portfolio that showcases your creative prowess. This portfolio will be your calling card when seeking internships and employment in the competitive design industry. You will also have the opportunity to study the arts abroad and participate in regular galleries and art shows (on campus and in the community). A degree (BA or BFA) in Multimedia and Graphic Design opens doors to a wide range of career possibilities. Whether you're interested in branding, web design, advertising, or illustration, our program prepares you for success. Multimedia and Graphic Design

Studio Arts

Your studies as a studio artist will keep your hands dirty and your heart full. You’ll explore forms of classical art like painting, drawing, ceramics and photography, and you’ll perfect techniques that have been used by successful artists for centuries. You’ll also become an expert in modern tools like Illustrator, Photoshop and website interfaces. McMurry’s studio arts degree offers well-rounded studies designed to help you thrive in a career as a full-time studio owner, designer, teacher, illustrator, art therapist, digital artist or museum curator. As part of your degree plan, choose from one of our annual studio art travel abroad courses. You can earn a Bachelor of Arts in studio arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio arts at McMurry. Studio Art

Studio Art w/ Pre-Professional Art Therapy Track


Art (Minor)

A foundation in the arts will set you up for success in a variety of careers. This degree program helps students perfect the skills needed for a career in fine arts, marketing and museum curation and helps you to develop an impressive portfolio of work. With a minor in art, you’ll choose from various elective courses and study painting, drawing, illustration, ceramics and photography while becoming proficient in digital art mediums or art history. Art (Minor)

Arts Administration (Minor)

Combine your artistic talent with your leadership and management skills. An arts administration professional works in jobs like museum curation, nonprofit, government archives and cultural preservation. You’ll become proficient in art history and learn how to identify art pieces by period and movement. In arts administration classes, you’ll become an expert in communication and a community leader, focused on education and the preservation of important pieces of our history. At McMurry, you can earn a minor in arts administration. Arts Administration

Multimedia Applications (Minor)

Multimedia applications provides students with the opportunity to take a deep dive into digital artistic development. As a multimedia applications major, you’ll focus your studies on the creation of websites, apps, animations, and 2D and 3D creations. You’ll take hands-on courses where you’ll transform your art from paper form to moving designs. You’ll immerse yourself in the art of famous animators and learn how to use their techniques to build your future as part of the multimedia applications workforce. At McMurry, students can earn a minor in multimedia applications. Multimedia Applications
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Student Opportunities

Art Galleries

Amy Graves Ryan Fine Arts Gallery
An active exhibition schedule at the Amy Graves Ryan Fine Arts Gallery provides students with the opportunity to participate in regular gallery activities. Students may participate in national art shows, as well as student and faculty exhibits. Bachelor of Fine Arts majors will complete a senior gallery exhibition as part of their degree completion requirements.

Gypsy Ted Gallery II
The Gypsy Ted Gallery II is one of McMurry’s smaller art galleries, named after the first Dean of Fine Arts at McMurry, Gypsy Ted Sullivan Wylie. It is managed by a qualified student director who is responsible for all student exhibitions, art management, preparatory work and receptions. This gallery is located on the first floor of Old Main in Room 105 and is open by appointment.

For more information, contact professor Jennifer Nichols.

Honor Society

The Epsilon Theta chapter of the International Honorary Art Fraternity, Kappa Pi membership consists of an elite group of undergraduate students who maintains a 3.0 GPA in art course work and at least a 2.5 in overall academics. One must have completed 12 credit hours of Art with a 3.0 average in those courses. Eligibility for membership is based primarily on achievement in art without regard to other fraternity or sorority affiliations.

Kappa Pi has a strong history of student involvement and scholarly activity that allows its members to grow artistically as well as intellectually. What began 100 years ago as a small group of students who wanted to discuss and critique their personal artwork has evolved into the oldest university Honorary Art Fraternity in the United States.

Founded in 1911 at the University of Kentucky, the fraternity has gained thousands of art students and professional members. In hundreds of chapters in the United States and abroad, members with a similar passion for visual art are enjoying the companionship that comes from being part of a group of like-minded individuals.
Kappa Pi

Departmental Honors and Awards

Students with outstanding grades, reliability and participation are eligible for departmental honors.
• Entering freshmen may apply for the Perry Bentley Scholarship.
• Transfer students and current art majors may apply to earn art scholarships in the spring.
• Recognition awards are presented annually.
• The spring juried annual student art competition acknowledges artistic achievement.
• Studio space and work apprentice programs may be applied for in the spring and are awarded based on student performance.
Scholarship Application

Study Abroad

At McMurry, we consider travel to be an essential part of a well-rounded arts education. That’s why we offer annual study options beyond campus to all art students. Travels include regional, national and international locations significant to artists, art exhibitions and archaeological sites. Open your eyes to the cultural relevance of artistic movements and watch your textbooks come to life across the globe.


Junior and senior art majors may be selected for art internships during their studies at McMurry. Internships allow students to have meaningful and educational on-the-job practice. You can work in a gallery, museum or commercial setting to see firsthand how the artistic concepts you’re learning are put into practice in the real world.


At McMurry, it’s our goal to present students with the highest quality and most up-to-date materials for their educational needs. The department of Art & Design has a superior ceramics facility that includes 14 pottery wheels, a slab roller, four electric kilns, three gas kilns, a clay mixing room, faculty studios, glaze mixing room and large workspaces. In the computer lab, you’ll find updated Mac computers and tablets to help you excel in multimedia design. The painting, drawing and design rooms have northern lighting and ample supplies for every form of art. Two photography darkrooms and a jewelry design lab round out students’ options. Advanced art majors who show promise in their studies and create a positive climate for faculty and students may apply for personal studio space in the spring and fall.


At McMurry, we believe in learning by doing. We actively engage students in the process of discovery in the following ways:
• Courses are discovery based. The latest knowledge and research in art history and arts administration is combined with hands-on courses, where students learn essential techniques to improve their individual art skills.
• Students are invited to participate in faculty research. Research includes taking part in gallery curation, art shows and internship opportunities alongside McMurry professors and faculty. These programs help students get ahead in their respective careers with resume-building on-the-job experience.
• Students complete a required capstone experience. These senior projects combine all the skills students have learned during their studies at McMurry to demonstrate their level of expertise and readiness for the workforce.

Global Learning Endorsement

The Global Learning Endorsement provides an opportunity for students to highlight academic achievement in global/international studies on their transcript. This endorsement will provide helpful documentation of the student’s expertise for employment in an increasingly globalized world. Learn More
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Beyond McMurry


An undergraduate education in Art & Design is an excellent choice for many successful career options.
  • Animation
  • Art
  • Art Education
  • Art Therapy
  • Brand Design
  • Business Ownership
  • Ceramics
  • Digital App Design
  • Digital Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Media Art
  • Multimedia Art
  • Museum Curation
  • Photography
  • Product Development
  • Production Studio
  • Videogame Design
  • Web Design

Faculty and Staff

Kathie Walker-Millar Department Chair / Professor of Art
Jennifer Nichols Gallery Director / Instructor of Photography and Gallery Studies
Broc Baird Assistant Professor of Art / Graphic Design


The McMurry Visual and Performing Arts and Education Advisory Board offers advice, sponsors projects and awards, provides assistance, and funds activities that benefit department of art faculty and students.

The Advisory Board works to:

  • Promote McMurry to the public and constantly improve the quality of education received by art students.
  • Increase the flow of innovative ideas and number of art programs available to the administration and faculty.
  • Involve art department donors in shaping the future of McMurry’s art programs.
  • Promote and coordinate recognition of art alumni who have demonstrated outstanding success and leadership in their professions.
  • Participate in fundraising for specific projects, needs and art shows for the department of art.

The Amy Graves Ryan Fine Arts Gallery is the primary gallery exhibition space at McMurry and serves as a learning center for art students. It showcases the work of students, faculty, alumni, and local and regional artists. Most exhibits include artist lectures and receptions, which allow the artists to connect with students and the surrounding community.

The Gypsy Ted Gallery is one of McMurry’s smaller art galleries and run by a qualified student director, responsible for all student exhibitions, art management, preparatory work and receptions. This gallery is located on the first floor of Old Main in Room 105 and open by appointment only.