At McMurry University, you don’t need to have your college career figured out when you enroll. We’ll help you identify the best plan of study to start or complete your college education, whether your plan follows a traditional approach or provides a more exploratory process that builds on individual interests and talents. Even if you’re transferring as a junior or senior, we can help customize a degree plan that suits your present and your future.

The McMurry University Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies enables you to design a degree built on the broad-based study of three disciplines that you select from more than 20 concentrations. The ability to design your degree frees you to concentrate on expanding your knowledge across multiple disciplines while honing skills that will serve you well throughout your career.

How will you know if the interdisciplinary studies degree is a good fit? See if any of the following scenarios fit:

  • You have diverse interests and skills that don’t fit neatly within a specific major or degree plan.
  • You are a transfer student nearing the end of your college career and looking to maximize your earned credits toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • You are creative and intuitive in arts, music or theatre and have an affinity for science, math or technology.
  • You’ve been told you are an out-of-the-box thinker because you see connections among seemingly disparate subjects and situations.
  • You’ve hit a speed bump from academic false starts, military transfers or financial challenges or have earned credits from multiple schools that don’t always transfer one to one.

If any of these sounds familiar, McMurry’s interdisciplinary studies could be an ideal option. This versatile degree plan begins with one-on-one guidance from your advisor and results in a practical, flexible degree that is uncommon at many universities. Here, we view you as a whole person and meet you where you are in your life and your career aspirations. That means working with you to make the most of what you’ve already done to maintain progress toward achieving the ultimate goal: earning your bachelor’s degree.

This personalized approach helps get you over the finish line, well-positioned to launch your career with a solid foundation of in-demand skills or pursue an advanced degree. The knowledge and confidence you’ll gain readies you for a dynamic workforce where adaptability and a well-rounded background are essential.


Areas of Study

All McMurry degrees include two levels of preparation: a general education core and the discipline concentration. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies expands on the core education with one course of modern language and one course in either math or a science lab of your choosing. For the discipline concentration, you customize your degree by selecting three from the following options.

If you possess a keen eye, talented hand and creative mind and are energized when challenged to produce a creative artifact or product, the art concentration could be for you. This area of study builds on the essential elements of artistic design and offers you the opportunity to hone proficiency in any one of the following mediums: ceramics, photography, graphic design, multimedia applications and more. Our faculty and curriculum encourage you to study and draw upon cultural influences and artistic movements to create art that reflects both a personal and contemporary world view.
You have been playing sports all your life and want to be a coach. While it may be a natural extension of your interest and talent, outstanding coaches must also have a fundamental understanding of the human body, training techniques that optimize performance and strategy. Course topics in the administration of coaching concentration include organization and administration of athletics, coaching and officiating, exercise prescription and leadership, and nutrition. Coaching and sports administration internships are available and include supporting McMurry Athletics, community and private coaching facilities, and area public school districts.
Allied health professionals are integral to the medical field — as X-ray technicians, dental hygienists, dietitians, physical therapists, physician assistants, speech-language pathologists, health information managers and more — and these roles are in increasing demand. This concentration spans multiple departments to provide you with the knowledge you need to extend your training into a particular allied health career. You will study introductory courses in medical terminology, chemistry, nutrition, pathophysiology, human anatomy, physiology and microbiology. The allied health concentration is a good fit if you are interested in human health services and healthcare professions that support the medical community.
Whether you have entrepreneurial aspirations, want to give yourself a foundation in business to compliment your profession or are pursuing a career in business, this concentration offers the foundation you need. You’ll study the principles of accounting, economics, marketing and management so that you can make sound fiscal decisions in business and personal settings.
If you are called to Christian ministry, this concentration supports career preparation to serve as a hospital chaplain, church administrator, pastor, camp coordinator, counselor, social services case manager, disaster relief worker and more, as well as participate on medical and disaster mission trips. You’ll be challenged to grow intellectually and spiritually with studies in religion and scripture, along with opportunities to participate in mission groups and study-abroad programs.
Learning to communicate effectively is essential in any career. It requires you to consider your audience, the message you are conveying and the way it is delivered. In the communication studies concentration, you will examine such topics as organizational and intercultural communications; interrelationships among the internet, media and society; ethical considerations; and shaping attitudes and behavior through rhetoric, argumentation and persuasion.
Ever wonder what prompts an individual to become a serial offender — and what it takes to investigate such cases? Are you concerned about the root causes and devastating effects of crime in society? If so, the criminology concentration prepares you to be part of the solution by expanding your understanding of the complex factors that influence criminal behavior. This area of study offers insights into juvenile delinquency, raises questions about appropriate punishments for given offenses and what happens if someone is wrongly convicted, and shows how you can be an advocate for change and improvement.
Early learners are unique and require specialized instructors who understand how to best nurture and support a young child’s emotional and academic development for success at every stage of development. This area of study teaches the skills needed to educate young, impressionable minds so they may become strong, avid and confident lifelong learners.
If you are someone who strives to model honesty and integrity in your relationships and decisions, a concentration in ethics could be for you. You will explore ethics through studies in philosophy, religion and business and gain insight to ground and support you in any circumstance as a trusted leader and individual.
While watching a film, do you notice camera angles, lighting, nuances of dialogue or an actor’s expression? Are ideas for screenplays percolating in your brain? If you envision yourself immersed in this craft, film is an ideal concentration for you. You will be immersed in workshop-oriented courses that develop your skills across all aspects of the film industry, including writing for films, editing, shooting, analysis and cinema studies, and understand what sets the great films apart from others.
History enables you to understand the lessons of the past, put the present in perspective and inform actions in the future. In this concentration, you’ll examine key periods of U.S. history, including World War I and II, the Wild West, Mexico, Reconstruction and more to provide a well-rounded background to interpret complex world events. History plays a vital role in preparing for a career that requires critical thought and an understanding of global perspectives. Professions include law, public service, historical research, diplomatic services, anthropology, museum curation, archival studies, political advisement and journalism. If you are a critical thinker and have a passion for understanding the why behind global events, consider a history concentration.
If you are contemplating a career that draws on your faith and desire to share it with others, want to provide comfort to others in difficult times, or are interested in working with people from varied backgrounds and religious faiths, interfaith studies offers this opportunity. You’ll study religion, sociology, philosophy and servant leadership and understand the different faith traditions to prepare for careers in religion, ministry, counseling, social work, nonprofit, education, research, law and more.
Kinesiology, the study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement, is a versatile concentration that enables you to tailor your studies to match career aspirations as a personal trainer, athletic trainer or strength and conditioning coach; physical or occupational therapist; physical education teacher; professor; and more. Courses include exercise science, accident prevention and care of injuries, instructional strategies for PE, athletic training, nutrition, rehabilitation of injuries, and legal issues in sport and PE. Your internship includes options at corporate and private fitness centers, country clubs, sports retail, pro shops, and sports coaching and training facilities.
The concentration in mathematics strengthens your foundation for careers in business, research, data analytics, strategic planning, computer programming, cryptography, engineering, software development, information systems and more. Studies include algebra, calculus, advanced and numerical analysis, and ordinary differential equations.
If you think and create in multiple dimensions and envision a career that values that skill and talent, consider studying multimedia applications. This concentration will draw from the department of art for classes in Adobe Creative Suite, where you’ll learn InDesign and Photoshop, as well as be introduced to related applications, digital animation and advanced levels of digital video production.
Are you musically inclined? Are you interested in performing at university events? If so, the music concentration is ideal for artists interested in a performance-based program that will further their skills and techniques. This area of study gets you in tune with musicality and aural skills, and it includes four semesters of study in your principal instrument, two semesters of ensemble and nine hours of advanced electives such as orchestration and arranging, western music, singer’s diction, and marching and jazz methods.
Pursue a concentration in psychology if you’re intrigued by human behavior, envision yourself counseling others or want to use psychology to inform decisions that impact personal conduct. In this area of study, you will learn about the mind and how it influences our actions. Classes include sleep and dreams, healthy relationships, personality psychology, positive psychology and mental health, multicultural psychology, marriage and family therapy, and psychology of the criminal mind. This versatile area of study is valuable in myriad settings.
This program is intended for those students interested in pursuing a career related to improving health and well-being but not interested in pursuing a medical or clinical career. Many of these individuals will have strengths and interests in other disciplines but wish to work in the health industry. Graduates with this major will be qualified to directly enter the career field but will also be poised to pursue graduate programs. The professions that stem from this degree are far-reaching and can encompass almost any interest of our students.
Servant leadership is a natural complement if you have a calling to help others and an interest in religion, psychology, sociology or Christian ministry. This area of study explores theories and techniques of serving others, building trusting relationships and transforming the lives of people. Service opportunities and projects are integral to this learning experience.
With a concentration in sociology, you’ll study human behavior in the context of the structure of social groups, organizations and societies. This includes issues surrounding race, gender and social class; family interaction; religious traditions; and organized crime. Courses address fundamentals of social norms; problems and stratification; issues of race and ethnicity; diversity, equity and inclusion; and the discipline of social investigations. This program also aligns with the criminology concentration.
Are you worried about changes in our global environment and want to be part of the solution? This concentration steeps you in knowledge of environmental science and sustainability. In this concentration, you can learn environmental policy and regulation, water and society, environmental data analysis, urban ecology, conserving biodiversity, and other timely issues. Your studies include a capstone course, internship, and opportunities to investigate or research environmentally related topics.
With a spotlight on creativity, production, theory and performance, the theatre concentration covers the art and business of theatre. Courses include acting, stagecraft, lighting design, costume construction, make-up, direction, production, theatre management, playwriting and more. You’ll be involved in McMurry theater shows on day one, whether you want to be on stage or behind the scenes.

Student Opportunities

Clubs & Organizations

McMurry hosts many student organizations and clubs that allow you to explore your interests and gain valuable pre-career experience.

In general, student organizations associated with a specific major (for example, business, arts, music, science, etc.) are open to multidisciplinary studies students who select that major as one of their degree concentrations. The honors program is also open to multidisciplinary studies students who qualify. Be sure to check the webpage for each of your areas of concentration to learn more.
Clubs & Organizations

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McMurry offers a variety of financial aid opportunities to students based on need, area of study, academic achievement, religious affiliation, hometown and other criteria. Tuition, Financial Aid, & Scholarships
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