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McMurry partners with a number of public, private, and charter schools across the state. We would love to connect with your district or campus to further discuss your dual credit needs.

Schedule a short information call with the DCA or request more information about the DCA, courses, and partnership.

Request more information about the DCA, courses, and partnership.

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Current Partner Schools

The Dual Credit Academy provides an innovative and affordable dual credit program for partner schools. Benefits the DCA provide partner schools include:

  • Quality, rigorous and thoughtfully designed asynchronous courses provide reliability and reduce administrative burdens on high school administration staff.
  • No testing or TSIA is required, enabling your district to serve students who may otherwise be excluded from accessing dual credit. Additionally, greater access to dual credit can better position your district to meet CCMR markers.
  • Live counselor portal provides updates and simplified document transfer.
  • No textbooks are required in the DCA online courses eliminating the need to spend hours purchasing books for students.
  • All 20 of the DCA online courses are designed in a similar format and layout reducing student confusion and creating continuity across your high school learners.
  • Each partner school is assigned an account manager to assist, provide student progress updates, and to serve as your point of contact.
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On-Demand Webinar

Access a recent recording of a Dual Credit Academy webinar hosted by Grant Greenwood, Vice President for Enrollment. Learn more about the DCA, courses, curriculum, benefits, cost, application, and partnership with this short webinar.