McMurry is the Fastest-Growing University in Texas

War Hawk Enrollment Soars Significantly

In the latest report from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), McMurry University stands out as the fastest-growing institution in Texas. McMurry’s enrollment reached 2,556 students in fall 2023, marking a 106% increase over fall 2022. This growth surpasses the percentage gains of any public or private university in the state this year. The McMurry Dual Credit Academy has played a pivotal role, contributing significantly to this expansion. In addition first-time, full-time student numbers surged by an impressive 15.6%, representing the largest cohort in 12 years. In 2024, U.S. News & World Report also ranked McMurry as # 5 in Best Value and #7 in Social Mobility, making it an attractive choice to value-conscious students and their parents.

Dr. Grant Greenwood, Vice President for Enrollment Management at McMurry University, commented on the THECB report, stating, “Our record-setting growth is a testament to the innovation happening on our campus and to the value we are creating for students at a time when there is skepticism concerning the cost of a college degree.”

Of the 40 private universities in Texas, half decreased in student headcount this year. McMurry’s soar in enrollment reflects its continued appeal to more students through new programs, accessibility, affordability, value, and career-focused programs.

A Multi-Faceted Approach Draws Students In

Central to McMurry’s success is its innovative dual credit program, providing high school students across more than 90 public school districts, charter schools, and private high schools in the state with accessible and affordable college credits. The program continues to gain traction, with additional school districts partnering with McMurry in future semesters to offer students opportunities for college credits and pathways to associate and bachelor’s degrees.

McMurry distinguishes itself as one of the state’s most affordable private and public universities, offering competitive financial aid packages. The Community Commitment program ensures that students with family members in service-based careers receive at least half of their tuition in scholarships. Another notable initiative focusing on students from rural communities is the Ward-Bottom Scholarship, covering half of the expenses for their time at McMurry for students majoring in the sciences. Additionally, the Aides to Teachers program offers working teacher’s aides a unique opportunity and flexible path toward a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate.

The Inclusive Access program has been well-received, offering textbooks and a laptop in the tuition for on-campus traditional students. This program ensures students with a university-issued computer can access on-campus technical support when needed.

Comprehensive Student Support

Recognizing the importance of student support, the War Hawk Success Center employs a multi-pronged approach to student support, assigning each student an academic success coach from enrollment to graduation. Student Support Services (SSS), a Federal TRIO Program, further provides services to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, aiming to increase graduation rates for low-income, first-generation, and/or students with disabilities.

Dr. Greenwood emphasized McMurry’s commitment to investing in programs catering to diverse students, aligning curriculum with the evolving needs of the student body and community. He noted, “Our enrollment increase represents our success in improving our students’ outcomes.”

The recent THECB report reflects the tangible success and growth McMurry is experiencing, echoing the enthusiasm and aspirations on campus over the past year. As McMurry University continues to break barriers and achieve historic milestones, its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and student support will continue to serve as an aspirant institution in Texas.

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