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FALL 2021 WALKTOBER Wellness Challenge Results

We had 78 participants in a six-week campaign encouraging our campus to get out and walk!  I’m pleased to announce the top finishers for the individual category and team category who were able to log the most steps as well as complete some weekly meditation, stretching, or other healthy activities.

Top 10 Individuals:
Tied for 1 st:
st– Robert Wallace
st– Brooke Wright
st– Ryan Dalton
st– Pam Verhulst
st– Jeff Moore
st– Paul Smith
st– Jessica Thompson
st– Melissa Bond
st– Cammie Petree
10 th– Michelle Ramirez

Top 5 Teams:
st: TRIO- Jessica Thompson, Amanda Cusson, Michelle Ramirez, Robert Wallace
nd: KINETOBER- Paul Smith, Janet McMurray, Ryan Dalton, Pam Verhulst
rd: McSTRIDERS- Courtney Godding, Allison Eggena, Charity McCright, Emily Jacques, Katelyn Scott
th: WILD WALKERS: Brook Wright, Jeff Moore, Melaney O’Connell, Hyunshun Shin
th: WALK-A-MOLIE: Cammie Petree, Melinda Miller, Melanie Long, Lecia Hughes


If you have any questions about this activity please feel free to talk to one of the members of the University Wellness Committee—they have been working hard since the spring to help with our wellness initiative.