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The McMurry University IRB is composed of members with diverse backgrounds, including scientific and non-scientific representatives, ensuring a comprehensive review process. We are committed to supporting ethical research that advances knowledge and benefits society.

IRB Overview

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at McMurry University is dedicated to ensuring the ethical conduct of research involving human and animal subjects. Our primary mission is to protect the rights, welfare, and well-being of research participants while facilitating valuable scientific inquiry.

The IRB reviews, monitors, and approves research projects to ensure they comply with federal regulations, ethical principles, and university policies. Our responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing Research Proposals: Evaluating research protocols to ensure ethical standards are met.
  • Ensuring Informed Consent: Verifying that researchers obtain and document informed consent from research participants.
  • Monitoring Compliance: Conducting ongoing reviews of approved research to ensure continued compliance.
  • Providing Guidance: Offering resources and support to researchers on ethical issues and regulatory requirements.

The IRB is essential for maintaining the integrity of research, protecting research participants, and ensuring the high ethical standards of McMurry University. Our review process helps:

  • Protect Participants: Ensuring that the risks to participants are minimized and justified by the potential benefits.
  • Maintain Ethical Standards: Upholding the principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice as outlined in the Belmont Report.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to guidelines set forth by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other regulatory bodies.
Belmont Report (English) Belmont Report (Spanish)

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program

What is CITI Training?
The CITI program is the standard in research, ethics, compliance, and safety training. McMurry University works in collaboration with CITI to prepare researchers to conduct ethical research projects that complement the academic excellence and integrity of our university.

Who needs CITI training?
Any researcher at McMurry University that is conducting research involving human or animal subjects and requires IRB approval and oversight.

How do I get started?
Register your account and start your training classes at:

What if I have questions about CITI training?
Questions can be directed to:
David W. Wahl, Ph.D.

Gold Background

Reporting Concerns

The Director of the McMurry University IRB is responsible for maintaining effective mechanisms by which individuals may report alleged violations of applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies, and procedures. Reportable incidents might include issues regarding the safety of human research participants, animal welfare, biohazards control and safety, or any ethical concern in the carrying out of research. All reports will be kept confidential.

What happens when a report is filed?

Upon receiving a report of alleged noncompliance, the Director of the IRB will work with the Principal Investigator (PI) of the research project to understand what led to the reported concern. The director prepares a report of the incident, which is sent to the PI, the PI’s department chair, and the VPAA of McMurry University.

After the director and PI verifies the accuracy of the report, it is sent to the IRB review committee to go through the normal review process. The committee then makes its recommendations for any corrective actions and forwards those to the Director of the IRB and the VPAA for review and approval. The Institution has the authority to impose additional corrective actions to reestablish compliance for the project, prevent similar situations in the future, and reinforce the high ethical standards of research at McMurry University.

Concerns about research practices at McMurry University may be reported to:
David W. Wahl, IRB Director, McMurry University

Ready to submit your proposal?

To submit your proposal you will need the following:

  • Completed IRB Application
  • All supporting documents

If you have questions please contact:
David W. Wahl, Ph.D.

Institutional Review Board Committee

David Wahl Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology
Institutional Review Board, Chair
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