This is part one of a two-part series on transferring to McMurry.

Not every student’s road to college is the same. Some stay locally and begin at a community college before transferring. Many join the workforce or military immediately and return to pursue a degree later in life. Others travel the world before they start their college careers. Still others start at one institution and transfer to another to finish a degree or find a better fit. No matter the circumstance, McMurry University can meet a transfer student where they are and create a seamless path for them to McMurry.

McMurry’s goal is to make the transition and move for transfer students as easy as possible. Recognized as a “Most transfer friendly college” by Phi Theta Kappa, McMurry simplifies admission and financial processes, provides exceptional financial aid packages, and opportunities for transfer students to engage in student life.

Melanie Long, associate director of admission for transfer and online recruitment, helps prospective students through the entire process. She personally guides them on which classes to take at their current colleges that will transfer well to McMurry, how many hours transfer, how to apply and submit deposits, scholarship eligibility, costs and financial aid packages, and answers the many questions that can arise. Students transferring to McMurry all comment on the personalized support and attention she provides each student, as if they were the only student she is working with.

“McMurry is appealing to many students because prior credits transfer well, and we are an affordable option with competitive financial aid. Small classes with personal attention and real connection with faculty members allow our transfer students to feel welcomed and connected,”  said Long. “Students are impressed by how friendly and helpful faculty and staff are – all the time. Families like our attentiveness because they see people on campus listening and doing what’s best for our students.”

The general education curriculum is transfer friendly as it closely matches those requirements at many other institutions. McMurry has articulation agreements with Cisco College and Western Texas College, and specific scholarships for those students. Additionally, Long is often present at local community college campuses to engage and assist transfer students. McMurry’s decades-long commitment to active duty and retired military through the Dyess Air Force Base Program and veterans benefits assure military students and veterans a smooth transition into a degree program at McMurry.

“There is a perception that private schools are unaffordable, but with strong financial aid packages, including the Community Commitment, we have a lot to offer,” said Long.

What may surprise some people is that a new laptop and books are included for full-time, first-time students to McMurry, including transfer students. Additionally, fees cover many benefits like success coaches, parking permits, counseling, and even athletic events.

Once a student enrolls, additional support and guidance is provided to transfer students. In Fall 2023, McMurry created a special transfer student orientation condensed into one afternoon to be work friendly as well. At orientation, students meet key people on campus; get their new laptop, ID, books, and parking permit, and meet their personal success coach so they are all set for classes and have more on-campus connections. Transfer Tuesdays in the dining hall afford transfer students an opportunity to get to know one another.

As they say, seeing is believing. Students who visit campus get a richer sense of the facilities, and more importantly the people at McMurry.

“I think transfer students will like what they see,” says Long. “Let us show you what we have and what we can offer you.”

Find out more about transferring to McMurry, visit our website or contact  Melanie Long at or 325-230-5010.

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