Multimedia Applications (Minor)

If you’re fascinated by the visual arts of video games, animated movies and marketing billboards, then multimedia applications may just be the degree for you. Your artistic skill and innate gift for color pairing are highly valuable in today’s technology markets. As media use surges around the world, the need for stunning artwork continues to grow — and companies are eagerly seeking talented creators.

Arts Administration (Minor)

Arts administration professionals help the world appreciate art in a real way. Those actively working in the field are art and cultural curators, nonprofit workers, government officials and more. As an art administrator, you’ll be dedicated to preserving history and culture through avenues like museum displays, theater art performances and nonprofit fundraising. You’ll study art movements, timelines and famous artistic styles — and learn to identify different time periods just by looking at pieces. An art administrator combines their love of art with strong communication and administrative skills.

Art (Minor)

Earning an art minor opens a window of opportunity for rewarding and creative career options. You’ll develop a well-rounded understanding of drawing, design, studio arts and art history. Plus, you’ll engage in extracurriculars of your choosing. Artists impact the world on a fundamental level. Their work is essential to the function of the education system, marketing and web design, and connecting the world with their inner creative. As an artist, you’ll be able to choose from career options like graphic design, art curation, animation, art education, craftsmanship, fine art and more.

Studio Art

Studio art is the study of art in all its magnificent forms. With a McMurry University Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio arts, students enjoy refining core skills, like painting, drawing, photography and ceramic arts, while also exploring art from a digital perspective. Today’s digital age has ushered in many exciting new media and career options for the studio artist — so graphic design, user interface and mass market appeal are all taught in this competitive degree program.

Art Education

If you have a passion for art & design that you simply must share with others, consider a major in art education. As a professional art educator, you’ll take students on an adventure through painting, ceramics, drawing and more. You’ll get your hands dirty and inspire creativity in young minds — there’s so much to explore! Studies at McMurry University will prepare you with developmentally appropriate teaching skills and core art techniques to help students in 7th-12th grades thrive in the classroom.