McMurry Minds is a podcast that explores the intellectual vibrancy on McMurry’s campus. Join your host, Dr. Paul Fabrizio, as he talks with colleagues about their inspirations and aspirations as they shape students’ minds. Explore beyond the lectures halls and discover fun facts about what occupies these professors’ time outside the classroom – their sources of fulfillment. Delve into the challenges they may face and learn what drew them to McMurry.

Your host, Dr. Paul Fabrizio, a respected professor in the Political Science Department at McMurry with over two decades of experience in radio and television, guides you through this insightful exploration with his colleagues. McMurry Minds is a production of the Division of Humanities, Religion, and Social Sciences at McMurry University. Tune in for a thought-provoking and enriching experience.



Mary Anna KiddA conversation with Dr. Mary Anna Kidd, assistant professor of Communications Studies. We talk about Thailand, the Texas Panhandle, sojourner readjustment.


Jim QuinnettA conversation with Jim Quinnett, the author of Memories Time Can’t Heal: A Vietnam War Novel, and the retired webmaster for McMurry University. He discusses the San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, being in the army during the Vietnam war, and writing a book during lunch hour.


robert wallaceA conversation with Dr. Robert Wallace, Professor of Sociology and Criminology. We talk about the Texas Panhandle, New York City, and people wrongfully convicted.


Jerry HollingsworthA conversation with Dr. Jerry Hollingsworth, Professor of Sociology and Criminology. We talk about the Vietnam War, child poverty on Native American reservations, and long distance running.


Garrison ShinA conversation with Garrison Shin, a student born in Russia and now sophomore at McMurry University. We discuss his winning a prestigious Hatton Sumners Foundation scholarship for students interested in public service.


MCM Vert 245x245A conversation with Juan Nava, a senior from Mexico graduating from McMurry in spring 2024. We discuss his receiving a graduate fellowship from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio to study Public Administration.


MCM Vert 245x245A conversation with Dr. Stephen Hardin, Professor of History. We talk about San Marcos; Clio, the Muse of History; and vampires.


Beth LaurenceA conversation with Beth Laurence, Instructor of English and the Coordinator of the writing Center. We talk about writing and how to get over a fear of writing.


Bryan StewartA conversation with Dr. Bryan Stewart, Professor of Religion and Chair of the Department of Religion and Philosophy. We discuss the Church Fathers, Presbyterian preaching, and Western Pennsylvania.


Philip LeMatersA conversation with Dr. Philip Le Masters, Professor of Religion and Director of the McMurry University Honors Program. We talk about theology, ethics, and Beaumont, Texas.


Jori SechristA conversation with Dr. Jori Sechrist, Professor of Sociology and Director of Institutional Effectiveness at McMurry University. We talk about the McMurry family, student success, and data.


Cole ThompsonA conversation with Cole Thompson, Professor of English about a new movie based on his book. Cole is the author of “Chocolate Lizards”, which was adapted into a movie called “Accidental Texan.”

The movie opens in theaters on March 8.


Ann Marie Lopez EsquevielA conversation with Dr. Ann-Marie Lopez Esquivel, Professor of English. She talks about the craft of writing and the teaching of writing. Her family, fifth generation West Texans have a long relationship with McMurry.


Paul FabrizioA conversation with McMurry Minds host Dr. Paul Fabrizio about the upcoming Texas primary election. Dr. Fabrizio is a Professor of Political Science.


Annette WrenA conversation with Dr. Annette Wren, an assistant professor of English. We talk about Sherlock Holmes, zombies, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


David WahlA conversation with Dr. David Wahl a professor of sociology and criminology. He is a researcher of social psychology, human sexuality and, human trafficking.


Mark WatersAn interview with Dr. Mark Waters Professor Religion and Chair of the Division of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences.

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