Human Trafficking is a staggering global industry valued at $150 billion, with an alarming $99 billion attributed to sex trafficking alone. This pervasive social issue affects communities worldwide, including here in Abilene, Texas.

McMurry University’s Division of Humanities, Religion, and Social Sciences hosted a panel discussion, delving into the dynamics of sex trafficking including what sex trafficking entails, identifiers of traffickers and victims, and, most importantly, highlighted how communities and individuals can unite to combat this issue and support survivors.

In recognition of National Trafficking Awareness Month, McMurry brought together Abilene organizations including the Regional Victim Crisis Center (RVCC) and Abilene Recovery Council (ARC). Our panel featured Janey Wawerna, Executive Director of RVCC, Colleen Rud (RVCC), and Cindy Frazier (ARC), and Dr. David W. Wahl, assistant professor of Sociology and Criminology at McMurry. Dr. Mary Anna Kidd, assistant professor of Communication Studies at McMurry, led the discussion.

Recorded Discussion (1:01:22 minutes)

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