A Model of Involvement, Giving Back, and Growth

03/13/2024 Alumni Spotlight

Baylee Kindrick engaged in many activities at McMurry, from Theta Chi Lambda to MAKONA, PAATH, Dance, and serving as a Student Ambassador. Through her involvement, she focused on developing leadership skills to become a more well-rounded individual. These experiences equipped her with invaluable lessons in time management, responsibility juggling, and effective negotiation, laying a solid foundation for her professional goals. 

Initially drawn to sports medicine, Kindrick quickly realized that athletics administration was more in line with her passion. She spent her time at McMurry experiencing athletics administration from different angles, delving into the intricacies of facility management and event planning. 

As she approached graduation in December 2023, Kindrick seized the opportunity to gain employment as the University’s assistant director for events, which is allowing her to apply her learnings and give back to the McMurry community that has become her family. She’s a perfect fit and the job is a fitting steppingstone for her career. 

“McMurry has given a lot to me,” Kindrick said. “It became my family when my actual family was stationed overseas. I want to give back to the students and make their experiences on campus as good as mine were.” 

Her enjoyment in bringing events to life and witnessing the joy it brings others underscores her dedication to making meaningful contributions to campus life in her first post-grad professional role. 

Kindrick aspires to follow in the footsteps of her McMurry mentors, like Larry Dockery, McMurry’s new athletic director. She feels inspired to make lasting impacts within athletic communities the way Dockery is doing for McMurry. 

For students nearing graduation, Kindrick offers some words of wisdom, “Embrace the uncertainty of the future with faith, knowing that each step is guided by a higher plan.”