Work Hard and Stay Humble

10/12/2023 Alumni Spotlight

Educators often leave an indelible mark on the lives of students and colleagues alike. Blake Fuller is one such individual whose commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to his students and staff have made him a shining star in the field of education. 

While at McMurry, Fuller was not in any clubs, but his afternoons were far from idle. He worked part-time in the MOVE computer office, gaining valuable skills and experience.  

Two educators, Melody Roper (Instructor of C&I/Dual Credit Coordinator) and Melissa Bulls ’94, played pivotal roles in shaping Fuller’s career aspirations. They not only inspired him but also served as role models to Fuller. Their passion for teaching and dedication to their students left a lasting impression on Blake, fueling his desire to excel in education. 

For Fuller, education is not just a profession but a calling. He says his purpose is “Doing what is best for kids while supporting and leading my staff.”  

A sign displayed prominently in Fuller’s office encapsulates his philosophy and serves as a daily reminder of his approach to life and workWork Hard and Stay Humble. This simple but powerful mantra speaks volumes about Fuller’s character and work ethic.  

Since graduating from McMurry, Fuller has pursued a career in education and recently started his first principalship at Ward Elementary School in Abilene, Texas.