Program Director for Behavioral Health

06/24/2022 Alumni Spotlight

Bobby Medford '93

Bobby Medford ’93 is a program director for Behavioral Health, an outpatient clinic for senior adults and a traditional outpatient clinic for persons of other ages within the hospital district. He oversees social workers in an intensive outpatient program and performs traditional therapy for two programs. He is also Pastor/Elder of Hartley Christian Fellowship Church, a non-denominational community church and serves on the McMurry Alumni Association Board of Directors.

How did you get started in a career in your current sector / industry?
I started working as a youth minister while attending McMurry in 1990. I graduated from McMurry with Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then from Oral Roberts University with Master’s degree in Christian Counseling.

Briefly walk us through your career journey to this point.
I worked as an associate Lay Minister in Amarillo for nine years after graduate school from 1995-2004. I received supervision for professional counseling while working at church and became a licensed professional counselor in 2003. I worked as a counselor for Services to At Risk Youth from 2006-2014. I was ordained as Pastor/Elder of Hartley Christian Fellowship Church in 2008 and presently continue in the role. In 2014 I became a therapist at Dallam Hartley Counties Hospital District for senior adult intensive outpatient behavioral health clinic and am currently the program director.

What do you most enjoy about your sector / industry / job?
I love working with people and helping to improve their lives through healing mind/body/spirit. I enjoy helping people grow in their faith and experiencing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How is your current career the same, or different, than what you thought it would be when you began college?
I never thought I would be pastoring in churches nor being in a healthcare setting.

What words of advice do you have for McMurry students or fellow alumni interested in a career in your sector or industry?
Get all the way you can through the field that you are going in to as much as the educational part. This will help you know if this is the field you will want to spend the majority of life in.