Dawson thrives after a smooth transition to the work world.

10/10/2022 Alumni

For most college students the gap between graduation and finding their first job is something that strikes fear.

For Elijah Dawson the transition from his time at McMurry and the work world was smooth. Dawson graduated from McMurry in 2019 with a degree in Business Administration. Automotive sales was not his plan after graduation, but he said that the cards just played out differently.

“My plan was for Arrow to be only a summer internship, but God had a different plan for me,” Dawson said. “Arrow was the last place I applied to and the only place that gave me an opportunity, knowing I still had at least two years left in my college career.”

After the internship with Arrow his junior year, the business continued to support him throughout his time in school and offered him a full-time leadership position after graduation. Dawson has since stayed with Arrow for five years.

Today Dawson has developed the mindset that you are always selling something in your life. In his work at Arrow, he sells an experience and customer service.

He said that he learned many of the skills that make him successful while at McMurry including how to communicate with and learn from others.

“The lesson I eventually learned was to meet and talk to everyone,” Dawson said. “You never know who you are going to meet and what they have to offer.”

He wants to share this lesson with current students as well—don’t be afraid to meet new people and connect as you never know what role they may play in your life. He said that any student wishing to pursue a career in sales should know that the people you meet will be worth it.

Dawson has accomplished a lot in his time with Arrow. He leads others to succeed in their current careers while serving over 600 customers throughout Arrow. The business as a whole has overcome shifts and difficulties in the automotive industry.

“I enjoy working alongside the people at Arrow Point Auto Mall. They are all different and have their own story to tell. They trust me to lead them and help them grow in their positions,” Dawson said.

When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2-year-old son in the first home they’ve purchased together. They are also excited to welcome a baby girl in December.