President for Instrument Maintenance Co., Inc.

07/25/2022 Alumni Spotlight

Isaiah Core '18

In the 1960s, Isaiah Core’s grandparents founded Instrument Maintenance Co., Inc., an oil and gas business. After graduating from McMurry, Isaiah worked his way through every position from the shop counter all the way up to executive leadership. He is now the newly elected president of the company and runs the business with his brother.

How did you get started in a career in your current sector / industry?

I started at the family business as the “low man on the totem pole” in our shop rebuilding Kimray Valves.

Briefly walk us through your career journey to this point.

I moved from the shop to the front counter, to purchasing to an executive leadership role.

What do you most enjoy about your sector / industry / job?

Meeting new people, and figuring out products for the right application.

How is your current career the same, or different, than what you thought it would be when you began college?

Beginning at McMurry, my family business was here to support me financially until I decided what to do with my life. It was not a foregone conclusion that I would join the business, but after time in each role, and finding my passion in continuing the legacy started by my grandparents, it is home for me now.