A Journey of Servant Leadership and Positive Impact

09/11/2023 Alumni Spotlight

Jenny Terrell-Feenstra’s journey is marked by her unwavering dedication to Servant Leadership, her commitment to making a positive impact on the world, and her passion for helping others see the beauty of life.

Terrell-Feenstra’s story is interwoven with the transformative influence of Servant Leadership, spearheaded by Dr. Ann Spence (Assistant Professor of Business from 1982 to 2018) during her time at McMurry. Like all McMurry alumni, Terrell-Feenstra acknowledges the profound impact that the Servant Leadership philosophy has had on shaping her life. It is a compass that guides her and acts as the foundation upon which her professional and personal pursuits are built. 

Terrell-Feenstra cherishes her days as a member of the sisterhood of Gamma Sigma. The bonds she forged with her sisters endure to this day. She was also honored to be a sweetheart of HEI and served on the Women’s Interclub Council which highlights her commitment to community and collaboration.  

Upon graduating from McMurry in 1999, Terrell-Feenstra attended the University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) and in 2003, she completed her Doctor of Optometry degree and continued with a residency in the community-based family practice. Terrell-Feenstra ventured into private practice before finding her niche at a surgical referral center in the Fort Worth area. In 2013, Terrell-Feenstra joined the faculty of the University of Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry (UIWRSO). 

Currently, Terrell-Feenstra is the co-director of the Community Eye Clinic, a joint venture of UIWRSO and UHCO. They are a vital hub for providing eye care to uninsured patients, refugees, and other vulnerable populations. Terrell-Feenstra’s work underscores her belief that access to eye health and vision care is a fundamental right for all.  

Terrell-Feenstra’s dedication to her profession is not confined to clinical practice alone. She has demonstrated her leadership by actively participating in the Texas Optometric Association, rising to the role of President in 2018-19.  

Beyond her career, Terrell-Feenstra cherishes being a loving wife and mother to two children who continually inspire her. Her journey is marked by an unyielding pursuit of knowledge, a deep connection with her faith, and the ability to find humor even in the face of life’s greatest challenges.  

“Don’t stop learning, even if you graduate; Don’t stop listening for God’s voice, even when it means you have to be still; Don’t stop laughing, even if it’s at yourself.” 

For Terrell-Feenstra, the joy of her work is the privilege of helping others see. Whether it is through her clinical proactive, her role in education, or her leadership in professional associations, Terrell-Feenstra’s journey has not only been about improving vision but also about nurturing future generations of optometrists who share a passion for making the world a clearer, brighter place.

Feenstra currently serves on the McMurry Alumni Board of Directors.

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