Brothers help others the way their professors and coaches helped them.

11/16/2022 Alumni Spotlight

Jonathan and Matthew McHugh have always wanted to give back to the community that supported them so well.

The identical twins, who both majored in interdisciplinary studies and graduated from McMurry in 2017, credit their coaches at the institution and hearts for service as to why they chose their profession.

“My coaches, Larry Dockey, Adam Kirby, and Aaron Kirby, challenged me every day to be the best version of myself on and off the field,” Matthew McHugh said. “They helped mold me into the coach I am today and played a huge factor in me pursuing football as a profession.”

Along with the influence of past coaches, both Matthew and Jonathan were inspired by many of the professors they came across during their time at McMurry. They strive to help others the way their professors and coaches helped them.

After the McHugh brothers spent a few years coaching and recruiting at various high schools, the TWINS Passing Academy was born. TWINS, which stands for “Together We Improve Necessary Skills,” is a football skills camp in South Texas designed to help kids develop the football skills needed to succeed in the game.

“We concentrate on the basics of each position and give kids the tools to be successful at all levels — from youth to varsity level,” Matthew McHugh said. “We also help athletes who participate in the camp navigate the recruiting process by contacting coaches and sending film to colleges all over the country.”

Jonathan McHugh said he believes that the TWINS Passing Academy produces a football product that South Texas has never seen before. Matthew McHugh agreed that the camp is helping teach skills that were previously lacking in the South Texas area.

“Our motto for TWINS camp is ‘South Texas vs Everybody’,” Jonathan McHugh said. “We started this camp because of the lack of exposure to quality football instruction in South Texas. We truly believe that there are athletes in the area who can play at high levels with others throughout the state. They just need the opportunity to hone their skills.”