Juliana Fabrizio radiates a love for McMurry in her marketing and communication position.

11/16/2022 Alumni Spotlight

 Juliana Fabrizio spent her childhood on the McMurry campus. Her father, McMurry Professor of Political Science Paul Fabrizio, instilled in her a love for McMurry so great that she attended as a student and recently transitioned to employee, becoming a content specialist and copywriter for McMurry’s marketing and communication department.  

Fabrizio majored in political science and minored in English, graduating in 2020 — a time that was anything but easy.  

In March of my senior year, McMurry transitioned to online classes, and my graduation date was pushed back several months due to the pandemic,” Fabrizio said. “It was hard to graduate at a time when everything was so uncertain, but it taught me to be adaptable. I now know that life will almost never go as planned, so you just have to keep going.” 

Fabrizio always knew she wanted to write no matter what field she ended up in. Her career journey, while short, has been varied. She worked with the West Central Texas Council of Governments as an administrative assistant and wrote research studies and non-profit communications before joining the marketing and communication team at McMurry.  

Learning the ins and outs of what makes McMurry run is something that Fabrizio said has been the most rewarding part of her job. She noted that as a student she only saw a limited view of how the University ran, but as an employee, she appreciates seeing a detailed perspective.  

“As a student, it’s easy to assume McMurry will just keep being McMurry,” Fabrizio said. “Only now do I see that it takes a community of love and support for this institution and its students to ensure we stay the special place alumni know and love.” 

In her day-to-day Fabrizio keeps the campus community up to date on the happenings of McMurry through different communication outlets. She also oversees the production of the student newspaper, the Herald. She credits her father for sparking her love for McMurry and hopes to share her love with others on their McMurry journeys.  

“McMurry has always been a part of my life. It gave my dad a job he loves and a quality education for both me and my brother,” Fabrizio said.  “Giving back to McMurry means that other families will benefit in the way mine has from the community, support, and opportunity we were given.”