Kee’Twana Williams is devoted to living a life without limits.

02/15/2023 Alumni Spotlight

Kee’Twana Williams graduated from McMurry in 2012. She majored in biology and initially aspired to be a doctor.

However, after graduating she learned that the Lord had a different plan for her.

“Life might not take you on the path you have planned out in your mind. Don’t be discouraged; God has a great and perfect plan for you,” Williams said.

Williams encourages others to be open to whatever path their life leads them. Williams followed a new path to work for Big Brothers and Big Sisters for four years after graduating. Currently, she works at the Euless Police Department as a records clerk.

Grateful for the opportunity to serve the city she lives in, she’s been rewarded with a faith-filled family-like environment that plays to her passions and desire to follow the Lord.

Williams credits her sisters in Delta Beta Epsilon for their positive influence on her throughout her time at McMurry.

“Without this group of ladies, I would not have made it through college, let alone life,” Williams said.

In her career and life, Williams said the Lord has opened doors for her, including giving her the confidence to write a book.

“I used to be a person who liked to keep quiet and keep to myself about most things,” Williams said. “But over the years God has opened me up to be able to share and be more vulnerable with people.”

Williams continues to rely on her faith to live life without limits and be able to weather forks in the road along the way.