02/09/2022 Alumni McMurry News

(Abilene, Texas – February 9, 2022) – McMurry University is reporting 1,036 total students enrolled for the Spring 2022 semester, a 5% percent increase in total student enrollment over the 989 students enrolled last Spring.

“Recruitment and retention strategies continue to move McMurry in an upward trend,” said Grant Greenwood, vice president of enrollment management. “When many universities are seeing decline in percentages, we are up nearly 5% compared to last spring.”

The University attributes its continued growth in student success to strategic investments in success coaching and academic support in all academic areas, including specialized support systems for STEM programs. Students are assigned an individual success coach to help them advance successfully toward graduation and career planning.

“The War Hawk Success Center is working to improve student success through active coaching and academic support, helping our students stay ahead of the curve,” said Dr. Matthew Draud, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the faculty.  “Our success center is an outgrowth and an expansion of the Mindset for Success Office which was launched in 2019 and our students have been very positive about the opportunity to meet with their success coaches complementing the support they receive through the traditional academic advising channels.”

A key element in McMurry’s strategic plan as the University’s Centennial approaches is to recruit, retain and graduate a diverse and engaged student body. The initiative reinforces a principle of academic success for students with a “propensity to learn.”

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