04/03/2020 McMurry News

To alleviate some of the challenges that incoming first-time students are facing, McMurry University is immediately moving to a Test-Optional Policy. The use of SAT and/or ACT test scores is now optional as a criterion for Fall 2020 acceptance decisions for qualifying students. To be accepted under test-optional, a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 or better will be required, and the student will have a prerequisite of completing an online survey.

“During these challenging times, McMurry University is implementing innovative strategies to assist our incoming students whose college planning and preparation are being disrupted by the COVID-19 situation,” said University President Dr. Sandra S. Harper. “With SAT and ACT tests currently suspended from being administered, we decided to make a shift to accommodate the needs of our incoming class.”

“McMurry traditionally considers other student characteristics during the acceptance process,” said Norm Jones, Interim Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management. “We are taking this time to view the current challenge as an opportunity for the university to explore further student attributes like school and community involvement, leadership, and service that align with McMurry’s mission and core values.”

While test scores have become optional for students with GPAs of 3.0 or better, students are encouraged to submit test scores if they believe their scores accurately represent their abilities. For those seniors who believe their high school academic record and GPA better reflect their abilities and potential, we will consider admission and merit awards based on a test optional basis. At McMurry we understand test scores are not always the best indicator of human potential.

The McMurry University application is found on home page at mcm.edu or click here to apply.


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