04/30/2020 McMurry News

McMurry University in Abilene, TX, will begin a five-phase plan returning to face-to-face, limited classroom instruction for May and summer terms beginning May 11. University is finalizing a safety plan to implement social distancing in classrooms as well as other safety protocols.

McMurry University conducted a series of campus Virtual Town Halls as the university rolls out the five-phase plan to fully reopen the campus for fall 2020 with face-to-face classes. Last week the university announced plans at the faculty and staff Virtual Town Hall meeting, and today the university is hosting the Virtual Town Hall for students to continue to share strategies for summer and fall terms.

McMurry responded to a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board questionnaire on April 23, outlining what the university plans are for May, summer, and fall terms,” says University President Sandra S. Harper. “We shared a five-phase comeback plan starting from where the university is now with a small number of classes in May term, a larger number of classes in summer, and then back in August, if we can do that based on what the governor and mayor orders say.”

McMurry’s five-phase plan includes returning to face-to-face campus classes for May term limiting student to nine plus a faculty member. Additional phases include continuing courses in Summer 1 and Summer II terms in the classroom. The workforce is currently working remotely and will return to campus on June 1.

“Our plan, at this point, is to be face-to-face in the fall, says Harper, “however, we know there are virus questions relating to it rushing back. The university is planning and addressing concerns with different strategies.”

McMurry is designing safety protocols. There will be social distancing planning for classrooms that will take place to make sure people are comfortable with coming back. “Many of our classes are smaller, and it would be easier for us to do social distancing than larger universities,” says Harper. “We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, and we might provide a safety net for some of the students who wanted to go to the bigger schools but now are a little leery about it based on the virus-related concerns.”

McMurry May semester begins May 11 and Summer 1 begins June 1. Registration is open now for students who may be interested in continuing their education at McMurry. For more information visit, admissions.mcm.edu.


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