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(Abilene, TX – October 15, 2021) McMurry University celebrated fall Convocation on Thursday, September 23, in Radford Auditorium kicking off another year under the Centennial theme of Innovate.

Guests included first-year students, faculty, and staff, as well as Board trustees and McMurry Trailblazers.

President Sandra Harper introduced Keynote Speaker Mr. Kerry Goff, McMurry Theatre Department Chair stating, “The most basic definition of innovation is a new idea, method, or device — the introduction of something new.  Other definitions state, ‘It is an idea that has been transformed into a practical reality,’ or ‘it is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems.’”

She also shared that many students recognize that innovation is crucial to the ongoing success of any organization. “I think one of the most creative departments at the University since the global pandemic and the national emergency were declared in March 2020 has been our Theatre Department. In the months that followed, when all live theater had been shuttered here and across the nation, I would encounter Kerry scouting campus for an ideal space that would permit safe distancing and save the summer season. At some point during those scouting sessions, Kerry and students came upon the idea of outdoor theater. In the finest tradition of Shakespeare and The Old Globe Theatre, Kerry proposed that our McMurray thespians would perform in the open air of the Quad. This led to a much-welcomed and very unique live theater experience.”

Kerry Goff graduated from McMurry University in 2010 with a bachelor’s of fine arts in theatre,  holds a master’s degree in arts administration from Rowan University. He joined the McMurry faculty in 2018. Kerry is an accomplished actor, director, and designer. “The McMurry Theatre Department is recognized for innovation in artistic circles around the country, thanks to the talent, creativity, and leadership of Kerry Goff in collaboration with his students and colleagues,” added Dr. Harper.

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