Rev. Carly Payne ’14 cultivates new ideas of faithfulness

04/17/2023 Alumni Spotlight

Carly Payne has used both her time at McMurry and time in her career field to grow and cultivate new ideas of what being faithful means.

Payne graduated from McMurry in December of 2014 with a degree in Christian Ministry. After spending some time working in McMurry’s Religious Life Office, she attended seminary at Boston University School of Theology where she received her Master of Divinity. Since 2019, she has worked at First Grapevine United Methodist Church as an associate pastor doing a little bit of everything. Discipleship. Her main focuses, however, have been preaching, discipleship, and family ministry.

She credits the chaplains at McMurry for not only helping her develop her faith but also her leadership skills. Thanks to the programs that McMurry offers, she was given the opportunity to travel around the U.S. and abroad.

Payne says she is passionate about creating new ways for people to engage with their faith and finding the best ways that work for them.

“The world is changing, and the Church is learning to change the way we minister to people,” Payne said. “I’ve watched this ministry engage people in mission and ministry in exciting ways, just by doing something they love.”

Throughout her journey, Payne has had to overcome the challenges of moving from rural Texas to a bigger city. She is thankful for the foundation that McMurry helped lay in her life. She said that throughout her days at McMurry, she has learned that your self-worth is not something you earn, but simply have because you exist. She has also learned to value dialogue and conversation throughout her career and personal life.

“Everyone arrives at college with their own unique background and experiences,” Payne said. “This should be a strength we can explore through thoughtful conversation and is a real asset to the community when we allow it to be.”

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