05/09/2022 Alumni McMurry News

(Abilene, Texas – May 6, 2022) – Roger Ward, former President and CEO for Quartzdyne, Inc and McMurry University alumnus, has generously donated $1 Million to the science fund he created back in 2015 called the Ward-Bottom Science Fund.

“This gift, along with others he has given, will always link Roger Ward and his support to our science department,” McMurry University President Dr. Sandra Harper said. “We are truly grateful for his leadership and vision for the sciences at McMurry.”

The fund was established to honor Ward’s former physics professor, Dr. Virgil Bottom, whose teaching and guidance helped prepare Ward for his successful career in quartz crystal devices. Dr. Bottom’s work helped develop quartz crystal production in the United States during World War II.

“I wanted to give back to what Dr. Bottom had given me.” Ward said.

The scholarship covered in the fund is awarded to students majoring in one of the natural sciences and from a Texas town with a population less than 25,000. The scholarship covers half of the student’s expenses for their time at McMurry, including tuition, room and board, and books.

The fund also provides resources for faculty to enhance their courses and add to their students’ experiences at McMurry.

“Roger Ward’s generosity has already been used to purchase equipment that has enhanced our undergraduate research experience and to provide additional training for faculty to offer exciting courses,” McMurry Biology professor Dr. Joel Brant said. “His newest gift represents a game-changing opportunity for Biology to foster a culture of undergraduate and faculty scholarship.”

Ward retired in 1999, and he received McMurry’s Distinguished Alumnus award in 2015.

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