Tabitha Banda ’13 is proud to be able to serve and teach in the community where she grew up.

04/18/2023 Alumni Spotlight

Tabitha Banda ’13 is proud to be able to serve and teach in the community where she grew up.

Upon graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, she went on to pursue her Master’s degree in psychology.  While at Abilene Christian University she decided that going back to McMurry to become a certified teacher was the right decision for her. She finished her program in 2015.

Banda began working at Cameron ISD as a third-grade teacher in 2015. Since then, she has remained at Cameron ISD but changed grade levels a few times. “My favorite part of being a teacher is seeing my students discover new things and develop new skills,” Banda said. “Seeing the “light bulb” moments is the most rewarding aspect of being [a] teacher.”

A handful of people stand out as being very influential to Banda during her time here at McMurry.

For example, “Dr. Hollingsworth for showing me the world of criminology, which if I picked a different career path now, I would go into forensics. Ms. Roper for being so welcoming in the education program and mentoring me along the way to becoming a teacher. Dr. Schneller for developing my love for psychology and learning about what makes a person who they are,” Banda said. “Finally, I can’t leave out my sisters in Gamma Sigma. Those ladies and sponsors helped me learn the most about myself and I couldn’t be more thankful for those relationships.”

During her time as an educator thus far, Banda says that the pandemic was one of the hardest things she overcame. Making the adjustment from in person learning to online was difficult because she thrives when she is with her students. But, throughout her career, she learned it is ok to fail and make mistakes if you get up and try again.

In her personal life she has found joy in her own flower garden. She finds seeds blossoming and growing after being tended to to be magical. She enjoys honeybees and other pollinators as well. She is also a charter member for her local Lions Club. She has found joy in serving her community through food drives, blood drives and other local projects.

“I love helping my community. Cameron is where I grew up, I want to see the people of Cameron thrive and be proud to live here,” Banda said.

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