Truman Guinn follows servant heart to education, coaching career.

02/15/2023 Alumni Spotlight

In his post-college life, Truman Guinn has felt called to serve others in his profession.  

After graduating from McMurry in 2014 Guinn would never have thought teaching would be the direction he went with his degree.  

“Teaching literally just fell into my lap,” Guinn said. “I never thought I would be an educator at all; I feel that God has called me to be in service for others and to be a reflection of him.”  

Two years out of college Guinn took his degree in multimedia and graphic design and now teaches high school graphic design. In addition to teaching, he also coaches high school baseball and football as well as baseball for 15-year-olds and college athletes during the summer. He also owns a small, online clothing company.  

Guinn’s passion has driven him to be the best educator and coach he can be while growing as a servant leadership. Although Guinn has faced some difficulties learning to teach children of different backgrounds he prides himself in being able to help them change their outlook on the things they find challenging.  

“My school has a large amount of at-risk students and students who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds,” Guinn said. “It’s important that I show up for them as a positive influence and safe space for understanding and also accountability.” 

Throughout his time at McMurry Guinn played baseball and was a member of McMurry Student Government. He says that his friends he made here are who inspired him the most. Guinn said his advice to graduating students and soon-to-be alumni is to remember that your experience at McMurry is what you make it; you don’t have to have it all figured out right now.  

Never compare your perceived success or lack there of to others,” Guinn said. “ We are all on our own journeys to find purpose, and there is no need to rush it just to look good for other people.”  

Up until this point his career journey has been relatively smooth sailing with a few ups and downs Guinn said. He is excited to continue to have the Lord guide his path forward.  

Life really has been a blessing, and I have learned so much about myself in the last decade,” Guinn said. “Where I’m going, who I am becoming, and what God has called me to be/do.”