Housing Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What size sheets do I need?
A: Extra-Long Twin

Q: Are microwaves allowed?
A: Yes. Only one microwave is permitted per room in all halls.

Q: Are there refrigerators in the rooms?
A: No, but you are encouraged to coordinate with your roommate on who will bring a mini-fridge. Fridges can be up to 3.5 cubic feet. (The entertainment center in Hunt and Martin accommodates a fridge of up to 33 3/4″ tall and 25 1/5″ wide.)

Q: What size TV should I bring?
A: We suggest bringing a smaller TV, no larger than 24 inches. While larger TVs can be accommodated, most rooms have the space to fit a TV up to this size without displacing other furniture to accommodate a television. (A 24 inch TV fits comfortably in the entertainment center in the Hunt and Martin rooms.)

Q: Are the rooms furnished?
A: Yes, each resident is provided with one bed, dresser, desk, and chair.

Q: May I bring my own furniture?
A: We recommend that you wait until you have settled into your room before bringing extra, large items for your room unless they are absolutely necessary. The first 2-3 weeks of school are a transitional period for many students, and extra furniture often creates extra work, as one learns to live and adjust in community with other students. In addition, all university furniture must remain in the room to which it is assigned.

Q: Can I hang stuff on my walls?
A: Yes, however, nails, push pins, or tacks are not permitted on the walls. We recommend using Command strips and hooks, as they are easily removable and do not remove paint or leave holes in the walls.

Q: Can guests visit me in my room?
A: Yes, please see the Student Handbook for guidelines regarding the visitation policy.
*Due to COVID-19, outside guests are not permitted at this time.*

Q: Can I change rooms/request roommate(s)?
A: Students may only request a change in room assignment during the period designated by the Residence Life Professional staff or with the approval of a Residence Life Professional Staff. Room switches without prior approval are not permitted. If you would like to request a roommate prior to move-in, please make a note of it on your housing application or email residencelife@mcm.edu with your request.

Q: I am the parent of a student who will be attending McMurry University. Can I fill out the housing application for my student?
A: Students are strongly encouraged to submit their own housing contract. If students have questions, they can contact the Housing office at 325-793-6549.

Q: What if I can’t get in contact with my future roommate?
A: The best way to contact your future roommate is through email, and most student emails are in the following format: lastname.firstname@mcm.edu.

Q: What if I need maintenance assistance in my room?
A: Depending on which residence hall you reside, there are simple processes to follow to get help quickly! We will provide these processes for you upon move-in.

Q: Who’s responsible for cleaning my room/bathroom?
A: You are! If you have roommates/suitemates, we strongly encourage you to work together to create a cleaning schedule, including discussions on who will clean, how often, etc.

Q: How long must I reside on campus?
A: Unmarried first and second year students (those with less than 60 McMurry credit hours), under the age of 21, who do not reside with a parent or legal guardian within a 30 mile radius of the University are required to live on campus and purchase a residential meal plan. Students will be billed for a residence hall room and meal plan unless they are approved to live off campus by the Director of Residence Life and Housing.

Q: I am the parent of a student coming to McMurry. Can I apply for housing for my student?
A: Students are strongly encouraged to submit their own housing application. If your student has any questions, he/she may contact the Housing office at 325-793-6548.

Q: Can I check in early?
A: Early check-ins are only allowed in extremely special circumstances. If you are required to move-in early because of your involvement in either a Fall sport or band, then you will receive information and instructions regarding early check-in/move-in from both your coach and the residence life team.