The Office of Student Accessibility and Accommodations

The purpose of The Office of Student Accessibility and Accommodations is to enable students with disabilities to participate in the full range of college experiences; to promote an environment that is barrier-free, and to actively address and promote disability awareness within the campus community through programs and services designed to meet the academic and professional needs of the individuals with disabilities. Qualified students with a disability shall, by reason of such disability, not be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of reasonable University services, programs, or activities or be subjected to discrimination of any kind.

Am I eligible for these services?

To be eligible for services, the student with a disability must provide The Office of Student Accessibility and Accommodations current documentation that describes the specific disability prior to or at the beginning of the semester. The documentation must be from a licensed or certified professional in the area of the disability (i.e. psychologist, physician or educational diagnostician). Students with disabilities must contact The Office of Student Accessibility and Accommodations to discuss academic needs before the beginning of their first semester or as soon as they are diagnosed with a disability. Once documentation is on file, reasonable accommodations may be made. To obtain additional information or specific guidelines on particular services students should contact the Disability Coordinator.

How do I obtain these services?

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission at McMurry University. Students with accommodations go through the regular admissions procedures.
  2. Complete the application for accommodations online form.
  3. Call 325-793-4880 or email Sandy Lane to schedule an appointment to discuss your accommodations.
  4. When you are accepted for accommodations you will complete the “accommodations form” with the Coordinator of Accommodations and the information will be provided to all of your professors at the beginning of each semester through your Pharos Student Success Management account.
    PLEASE NOTE: You will be REQUIRED to do this at the beginning of every semester in order to receive accommodations.
  5. If you are currently an Online Degree Student and need accommodations, please complete the online Application for Accommodations form. You will then need to submit the completed application alongside all required documentation via fax or email to the Student Accessibility & Accommodations Coordinator for review. You will then be contacted about requested accommodations.

Students are encouraged to apply for accommodations 30 days prior to the initial semester of enrollment to ensure adequate time for the coordination of reasonable accommodations. For your benefit, please maintain a copy of all documentation submitted to the Student Accessibility & Accommodations department.

All documentation submitted will be kept confidential, except where permitted or required by law, and will be used solely for determining reasonable accommodations for the student. Securing appropriate documentation is the sole responsibility of the student. Documentation criteria at McMurry University are consistent with the 1997 guidelines of the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD).

Student Accessibility and Accommodations Staff

Location: President’s Hall Rm. 103

Phone: 325-793-4880

Sandy Lane Coordinator of Work Study, Student Accessibility & Accommodations, and Testing Services
Health & Wellness
Student Employment
Meka Allen Director of Counseling and Disability Services
Health & Wellness