Please follow the steps below to register and reserve your seat for a CLEP or DSST test.

  1. Register for your CLEP test or
    • Create a CLEP account and register for your test.
    • McMurry Dyess CLEP Test Center code is #6901 | CCAF Score Recipient College Code is 6139Register for your DSST test
    • Create a DSST account and register for your test.
    • McMurry Dyess DSST Test Center Code #8778 | CCAF Score Recipient College Code is 7992Click here to find out how to register for DANTES-funded CLEP and DSST testing.
  2. Testing will now be administered at McMurry University effective 12 October 2023.
    • Until the new full-service facility is established, scheduling will be on a limited basis.
  3. Call McMurry Testing office at 325-793-4880 to reserve a test date and time.
    • Instructions and directions will be provided at time of scheduling.
    • Print and bring CLEP ticket or bring your DSST user name and password to test center.
    * NOTE: You can only take ONE test per test date.

Test Administrator

Testing Center Information

McMurry University
President Residence Hall
2249 Sentinel, Abilene, TX 79697

Ph: 325-793-4880
Text: 325-255-3370

Sandy Lane Coordinator of Work Study, Student Accessibility & Accommodations, and Testing Services
Health & Wellness
Student Employment