From an early age, Harvey Oaxaca was charmed by McMurry University.

03/16/2023 Alumni Spotlight

His special bond with the institution started when he was a small child. Some of his earliest memories include stories about his mom and dad and their time as students at McMurry. After graduating in 2001, Oaxaca credits the charm, love, and memories of McMurry for his continued support of and connection to his alma mater.

“I was able to experience first-hand the true charm and amazingness of this special institution,” Oaxaca said. “I feel there is a special bond that is formed when you attend McMurry that you want to stay connected to no matter how long it’s been since your graduation date.”

Oaxaca, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Music in Church Music, has taken the lessons he learned and the wisdom he received at McMurry into his post-graduate career and personal life.

During his time at McMurry, Oaxaca was a member of KIVA, T.I.P. Anchorman, and he participated in Chanters, residence life, religious life, McMurry Student Government, cheer (freshman year), and Homecoming musicals. He was also named Chief McMurry at Homecoming 1999.

More recently, he has accomplished a lot—He found his forever love and has stayed connected to the things and organizations that matter most to him and hold true to his values.

“Since graduation, I got married to my husband in 2017 and currently have two small dogs. I have been active in the United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Fort Lauderdale; volunteered for several organizations; and have served on the executive board of the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County.”

His professional journey includes fulfilling, teaching roles in Texas, California, and Florida. But Oaxaca currently serves as an Executive Director (Principal Supervisor) for a network of 19 PK-12 schools in the Boulder Valley School District.

Even though one of the words he uses to describe his time at McMurry is “challenging,” Oaxaca can still credit his time here as the experiences that shaped him into the person he is today.

“My time at McMurry was challenging, full of memories, and a time of self-discovery in many ways,” Oaxaca said. “Not only did I receive an educational experience that prepared me for my career in ways I couldn’t have even imagined, but I also developed relationships that have lasted a lifetime.”

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