01/15/2022 Alumni

Lori Nelson '80

Meet Lori Nelson ’80, area laboratory Manager for Texas Oncology. Lori studied Medical Technology while at McMurry and now oversees laboratory operations for 27 clinical laboratories in the Texas Oncology family. Her territory reaches from Amarillo to El Paso in the west and stretches across the western half of the DFW market.

How did you get started in a career in your current sector / industry?
I was directed down this path on a suggestion from my freshman chemistry professor, Dr. Jones. He was a brilliant educator and very patient mentor.

Briefly walk us through your career journey to this point.
I started in the laboratory in Abilene at Pathology consultants. I took a one year sidestep into hospital lab work in 1984 when we moved to Odessa. I was hired as a lab tech in Odessa by Texas Oncology in 1985 and have been honored to grow in my career with the company over the past 37 years. I was tagged to take the position of area manager seven years ago when our team was formed. Texas Oncology has grown to be the largest single oncology practice in the US during these years. Our team oversees over 100 clinical laboratories across the state.

What do you most enjoy about your sector / industry / job?
Sharing my knowledge and experience with my team. We strive to provide the highest quality of results to our physicians for our patients. Our laboratories are an integral part of cancer care and the ability to provide that care close to home for our patients.

How is your current career the same, or different, than what you thought it would be when you began college?
It is totally different! I came to school planning to be a veterinarian!

What words of advice do you have for McMurry students or fellow alumni interested in a career in your sector or industry?
If you enjoy your science classes, this job gives you the chance to apply those sciences every day. Clinical Laboratory Scientists are desperately needed.  There is opportunity for growth in this field if you have the ambition and drive.

Lori lives in Fredericksburg, TX, with her and her husband and fellow McMurry grad, David Nelson ’78.