Department of Psychology

McMurry University
Abilene, Texas 79697-0368


With a solid background in neurocognitive psychology, exciting career opportunities await in research and behavioral health treatment.

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What Sets Us Apart

At McMurry, you’re much more than a number. Our psychology professors make time for you in the classroom and in one-on-one conversations, and want to see you grow intellectually and spiritually. You’ll receive personalized advising and mentoring to find the psychology career path within that most closely fits your personality and goals. Most importantly, you’ll be challenged to integrate your faith into your investigation of human behavior.

What You Can Earn

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Neurocognitive Psychology

You’ll complete a total of 120 credit hours, with 45-46 of those credits in psychology courses (12-13 hours specific to the Neurocognitive Psychology track).

Minor in Neurocognitive Psychology

This minor fits well with many non-psychology majors such as pre-med, pre-physical therapy, and pre-occupational therapy. You’ll complete 18 credit hours in general psychology, anatomy and physiology, and elective psychology courses.


Studying neurocognitive psychology will prepare you for graduate studies and a career in many exciting facets: researching the human brain; diagnosing and treating brain injuries and disorders in a clinical setting; teaching about cognition and the brain at the university level; conducting research on pharmaceuticals; and much more.

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