Welcome to the McMurry University Department of Computer Science. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you build the technical, theoretical and practical skills you’ll need to thrive either in academia or in the ever-growing programming, information technology and cybersecurity industries.

These fields have always been fast-moving, and disruptive new hardware and software processes occur almost constantly. That is why we are dedicated to keeping our curriculum aggressively up to date, ensuring that our faculty is all at the cutting edge of their respective specialties. The technical education you receive will be top-notch and give you what you need to forge a thriving career.

We invite you to explore the department here and see everything McMurry has to offer you — not just as a school but also as a community. We very much hope that you choose to join us as a student and become part of the many advances we are helping to bring about.


Areas of Study

The study of computer science and information technology encompasses more than just hardware and software. It has grown to include cybersecurity; local, national and international network architecture and management; and user experience engineering. We offer in-person degree programs, as well as an online-only cybersecurity degree.

Computer Science

Computer science is a very sought-after skill set right now. This degree is an excellent choice whether you intend to study at the graduate level or enter a computer-related field in any of several industries. You’ll learn all about hardware and the physical components of computing systems, as well as the software that runs on them and the networks that link the world’s computers together. Along with plenty of opportunities to learn practical applications of what you study in projects and internships, you will earn a Bachelor of Science in computer science. Computer Science

Computer Science Teaching (6-12)

If you’re interested in helping young students begin their own explorations into the world of computers and software, consider this program. You’ll gain a solid foundation in computer science and IT, as well as study curriculum and instruction, learning the techniques you’ll need to teach students in grades 6-12. In addition, this program will help prepare you to take the teaching certification exams you’ll need. Computer Science Grades 6-12

Cybersecurity (Online)

The dynamic field of cybersecurity is expected to grow by 30 percent in the next decade. Based on the knowledge requirements of the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, this online Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity will equip you for success in a range of positions, including security analyst, security engineer, security administrator and security consultant. You will also be prepared to earn valuable certifications in cybersecurity operations, security, networking and Linux. Cybersecurity

Information Technology

IT is a thriving field. It includes computers and a wide range of digital technologies and information systems that businesses and industries of all kinds use to communicate, collaborate and make better decisions — to say nothing of the massive consumer electronics industry! Your studies will earn you a Bachelor of Science in information technology, as well as the opportunity to gain real-world industry experience with an internship. Information Technology

Student Opportunities

Honors Program

Many McMurry students pursue departmental honors in computer science or IT by completing an honors research project and writing an honors thesis. Honors Curriculum


The department of computer science undergraduate research program is funded by the Charles and Lisa Bloomer Research Stipend. This is open to students in any of McMurry’s science and math programs with a faculty member’s sponsorship. The department also offers internship opportunities, during which students can get a taste of working in the IT industry.

Global Learning Endorsement

The Global Learning Endorsement provides an opportunity for students to highlight academic achievement in global/international studies on their transcript. This endorsement will provide helpful documentation of the student’s expertise for employment in an increasingly globalized world. Learn More

Beyond McMurry


An undergraduate education in computer science, IT or cybersecurity is an excellent foundation for higher-level studies, and it can also open the door to a career in:
  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Defense Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Game Development
  • Network Administration
  • Secondary Education
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications

Join the Ranks of Accomplished Alumni

A high percentage of McMurry’s computer science, IT and cybersecurity graduates pursue advanced degrees or careers in the industry. As a result, this department’s graduates now work in some of the most respected companies in the nation and the world. No matter where you hope to make your career, you’ll have an excellent chance of networking with a McMurry alumnus.You’ll find McMurry computer science, IT and cybersecurity graduates leading the way in fields like:
  • Developing software applications for commercial and industrial equipment.
  • Updating and increasing the capacity of the world’s telecommunications systems.
  • Developing the software, processes and policies that keep governments, businesses and individuals safe from cybersecurity threats.
  • Improving the data analytics techniques that move the online economy forward.
  • Creating the next generation of computer hardware and digital devices.
  • Teaching high school and junior high students the basics of computer science.

Faculty and Staff

Richard Brozovic Department Chair / Instructor of Computer Science
Michael Parker Director and Instructor of Cybersecurity
Alicia Wyatt Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs: Sponsored Programs
Title V Project Director, Building STEM Success
Title V Project Co-Director, Partnering for STEM Success
Professor, Computer Science Department