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You’ll not only learn the ins and outs of computer science, but you’ll earn a minor in curriculum and instruction, you’ll help the next generation learn it, too.

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What Sets Us Apart

McMurry’s computer science faculty are not just experts in fields such as web applications, social media, software, HTML and programming languages, they also know how to pass that expertise on to students and are eager to teach you how to do that as well. You may even be able to arrange independent studies appropriate to your special interests.

What You Can Earn

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Grades 6-12

Take your B.S. in computer science back to the classroom. Combined with a minor in curriculum and instruction, this B.S. degree prepares you to prepare the next generation of students.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

You’ll learn mathematics, programming and computer architecture, as well as gain experience working with networks, algorithms and operating systems. For the capstone experience, you’ll work as a team to implement a software system.

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity (Online & Hybrid)

Cybersecurity is high-demand, high-reward career path. With a B.S. in cybersecurity, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to identify cyber risks, actors and methods to deter threats and keep data, people, and organizations safe.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Digital networks and modern IT systems, for both business and entertainment, are the focus for this degree. You’ll also implement a software system as your capstone experience.


You’ll graduate with an in-depth knowledge of teaching beginning computer science principles to junior high and high school students. However, the computer hardware, software and communication networks skills you’ll gain could also earn you a role as a game or graphics developer, network administrator, programmer or programming analyst.

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