Department of Art

McMurry University
Abilene, Texas 79697-0368


You’ll study user interfaces, online illustration, animation and elements of design.

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What Sets Us Apart

Begin your multimedia applications study at McMurry, where experienced professors know what it takes to break into the field of multimedia applications and design. You’ll work with relevant user interfaces and visual arts tools to create moving animations and 3D art and to transform your designs into marketable products. You’ll receive personal feedback and attention in a small classroom setting, and you’ll use your skills to complete internships and a required professional capstone project to impress future employers.


What You Can Earn

Multimedia Applications Minor

You’ll complete 21 credit hours, including six hours at an advanced level. Volunteer and on-the-job experience is included.


With a minor in multimedia applications, you’ll be well prepared to dive into the competitive world of digital design. You’ll graduate with knowledge to prepare you for careers like animation, graphic design, web design, digital app design and more.

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