Request Library Research Instruction

Keith Waddle

Contact reference librarian Keith Waddle or call 325-793-4678. Please provide the following information:

  • Instructor’s name
  • Course title and number
  • Number of students
  • Date and time of desired instruction session
  • Location desired (can meet in classroom or library)
  • Subject or assignment emphasis

Place Items on Reserve

Provide the circulation assistant Charlie Stanford (325-793-4688) with the reserve item and submit the following information via email or submission form:

  • Instructor’s name
  • Course title and number (example: HIST 4330 The American Frontier)
  • Semester and academic year item needed on reserve
  • Title and author of reserve item
  • Personal copy or library copy
  • Loan period (2 hours, overnight, 1 day, 3 days, or 1 week)

Reserve Library Conference Rooms

Hailee Reeder

Contact events coordinator Hailee Reeder or call 325-793-4853 to make reservations.

  • Conference room 115, seats 6
  • Conference room 116, seats 10

Reserve Library Classrooms

Kellie Merritt

Contact executive assistant Kellie Merritt or call 325-793-3807 to make resevations.

  • L201, seats 12
  • L202, seats 24