Department of Physics

McMurry University
Abilene, Texas 79697-0368

What Sets Us Apart

A degree in physics from McMurry University will open your career options in a range of technical roles upon graduation or prepare you to continue your studies as a master’s or Ph.D. degree candidate. The McMurry Physics program has working relationships with several graduate programs in Texas. We also require all of our graduates to complete a senior research project and encourage them to present the findings as a publication or a presentation at a scientific meeting. Additionally, students will have opportunities to participate in a variety of team research projects as part of the physics courses they take. The department also offers several endowed scholarships to students who qualify based on merit or other factors.


What You Can Earn

Bachelor of Science in Physics

You’ll have access to a wide range of core and elective classes to attain a well-rounded knowledge of how space, time, matter and energy combine to form the natural world and things around us. You’ll also be well prepared for a technical career role or a graduate program of study.

Minor in Physics

You’ll complete a range of core physics and mathematics classes, as well as explore your own interests with electives and projects. The result is a heightened command of complex problem solving that can broaden your career options and enhance success.

Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Pre-Electrical Engineering Focus

This pre-professional program offers fundamental knowledge of physics and mathematics with added emphasis on electronics theory and practice beginning in your second year. The curriculum is ideal for students planning to enroll in a graduate program for electrical engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics is a hands-on discipline that serves as the bridge between theoretical science and practical engineering to solve real-world technical issues. This program will afford you the foundational knowledge to continue advanced studies in mechanical, civil, industrial and other types of engineering.


You’ll graduate with a solid basis in mathematics and physics, as well as a set of skills matching your chosen concentration – physics/mathematics, or electrical pre-engineering. McMurry physics graduates have become physicists, engineers, medical professionals, educators and even politicians.

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