Department of Sociology
and Criminology

McMurry University
Abilene, Texas 79697-0368

What Sets Us Apart

When you study sociology at McMurry, you’ll learn from faculty who are just as passionate as you are about your career and studies as a sociology major. Our doctoral-degreed professors are heavily involved in current sociology studies and regularly publish their findings in academic papers and books. You’ll work alongside some of the best in the field and receive individualized attention in small classroom settings. With the most up-to-date curriculum to guide you, you’ll create an impressive capstone portfolio to help you thrive in the workforce — or get ahead when applying for further studies.

What You Can Earn

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

You’ll complete at least 120 credit hours, not including developmental courses. At least 39 hours will be at an advanced level.

Minor in Sociology

You’ll complete 20 credit hours, including six hours at an advanced level.


You’re on the right track for a bright future and unique career that actively makes the world a better place. With the advanced knowledge you gain at McMurry — and the support of faculty and staff — you can choose from a vast number of career options, including human rights, human resources, nonprofit, project management, corrections officer, rehabilitation counselor and more.

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