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What Sets Us Apart

The philosophy of servant leadership originated in the 1970s, gained popularity, and is now widely recognized by many professional fields. Nevertheless, very few universities have dedicated programs of study. In contrast, at McMurry, students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies or minoring in servant leadership have a very unique opportunity to: 

  • Explore servant leadership concepts and techniques in relation to social problems, ethical dilemmas, and civil society. 
  • Exemplify servant leadership in student organizations. 
  • Extend servant leadership expertise outward through a campus/community partnership with the West Texas Homeless Network. 

What You Can Earn

Minor in Servant Leadership

You’ll complete 18 credit hours, including six hours at an advanced level. Service learning is included and on-the-job experience is also a possibility. 


Servant leadership is widely recognized and coveted in the business world, in higher education, and in Christian ministry. Moreover, servant leadership is an appropriate minor for students who wish to become health care professionals, teachers, social workers, and public servants. 

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